GOLDEN TIPS: Gold Manicures

Golden hands Shine!

Gold is a very bold statement… so bold that some people may find it overwhelming. No need to fret, though, there are simple ways to add the glitter of gold to your outfit without the overwhelming nature of the color. The answer? A gold manicure.

The drama of gold is sure to highlight whatever look you want, but unlike gold accessories and other investments, nail polish comes relatively cheap and, if you don’t like the look, can be taken off with a swipe of acetone. It doesn’t all have to be gold; there are plenty of ways to dress up your nail look.

Need some inspiration for your gold manicure? OROGOLD reviews the top ten ways to go for the gold.

-GOLDEN GLITTER. Layer a coat of golden glitter over your favorite hue, such as navy blue, dark grey or even classic red. Whether you prefer a fine glitter or like yours a little chunky, it can give you a bit of sparkle without screaming gold. Just be careful about using too light of a hue for your base color, or else the gold may not”pop”. The only exception? White looks extraordinary with gold flecks.A gold manicure that isn't too overwhelming

-GLITTER DIP. This easy technique gives you the glitter effect without overwhelming your nails. After applying your favorite color, use a fine gold glitter nail polish and start applying the glitter halfway up the nail, using more towards the tip. Once dry, finish off with a topcoat. If you are feeling especially creative, paint your nails with a clear top coat wherever you want the gold to show, then sprinkle on gold glitter before the top coat sets.

-PEEL-ON POLISH. These stickers are a great way to get intricate designs without having to sit in a manicure chair for an hour. The appliqués peel off the paper, are applied directly to the nail and then can be filed down to meet your actual nail and give you that polished look you’re seeking.

-GOLD FRENCH TIPS. Instead of doing traditional white tips for a French manicure, try switching it up with gold. Use the same technique that you would when applying a white tip. The best part? This technique looks great with a many different colors, so experiment and see what will work best with your manicure.

-REVERSE FRENCH GOLD. Instead of accenting the tips, many new nail art styles are focused on the moons of the nails, and gold is a popular color to paint them. Push down your cuticles and paint your nails your favorite color. Afterwards, make a half-moon shape at the bottom with your favorite gold polish. Allow to dry and finish it off with a topcoat.

-GOLD ACCENTS. If you’re having your manicure done professionally at a salon, you can add intricate nail art to your nails to make them shine, whether it’s special designs or the delicate placement of gold beads on your finger. It may be trickier to do this by yourself, so if you want it done precisely, skip the home design and head to your favorite manicurist.Gold foil manicures add an interesting texture and extravagant vibe to nails

-TEXTURED GOLD. Shatter topcoat is available in gold by brands like OPI, so topping a contrasting hue is sure to surprise and add unpredictability to your nail look. For an unusual take try a caviar manicure. Use golden micro beads, available at many high-end makeup stores, to sprinkle a layer of them on while your nail polish is still wet creating a caviar like look. Another cool option is a gold foil manicure which uses real gold foil adhered to the nail for an attention getting look.

-RING FINGER GOLD. The ring finger accent is extraordinarily popular, so why not give it some bling with gold? In order to make the accent work, make sure that every other nail is a deeper color with no shimmer (yet still high gloss) so that the gold on your ring finger is sure to stand out.

-BLACK AND GOLD. Edgy while still staying classy, this color combination is sure to please in any of the forms above and gives you a rock star look. Whether you’re opting for alternating black and gold, an accent finger or just a layer of glitter, black is sure to satisfy.

What is your favorite gold look? Is there are gold manicure you’re just dying to try? Let us know in the comments below!


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