Get Your Gold On

Gold chandelier earrings add a statement to your outfit

We all want to feel luxurious, and what can make you feel more luxurious than golden accessories? Not only does it look beautiful, but it is also healthiest for your body: gold earrings are often used in ear piercing because the metal doesn’t typically cause the body to have an allergic reaction.

Whether it’s earrings, bracelets or necklaces, gold can bring in that bright spot of beauty into even the most casual outfit. You find gold in accessories beyond the traditional jewelry. Look for gold-colored belts, shoes, purses and even headbands that can help take a simple everyday outfit to a higher territory.

OROGOLD reviews  10 quick tips for wearing gold accessories:

-If you’re going to wear big statement pieces, keep it to just one. Do not wear large hoops, a long golden necklace and big gold bangles all at once. It can take your look from classy to tacky in no time.

-If you’re opting for gold accessories other than jewelry like a belt, headband or shoes, make sure it becomes the standout color in your ensemble. Pair golden flats with a black dress, cinch in your jeans with a golden belt or use golden hair pieces against dark colored hair. The last thing you want is your gold to get lost among the rest of your outfit.Accessorize your outfit with gold jewelry

-It used to be that you couldn’t pair gold with silver. This is no longer the case, so feel free to mix and match as you see fit. For example, wearing a silver ring next to a beautiful gold watch can set off the watch instead of it blending in with another gold accessory.

-When choosing clothing colors, opt for neutrals and cooler colors to pair with gold to make it pop. Warm browns, cool navy blues, deep plums and even gray can make gold shine through. Lighter pastel tones as well as orangey and yellow colors should be avoided.

-If you’re scared of the brightness of gold, opt for a shade that reads a little more neutral. Champagne, or a rose gold, may be a great way to ease into the color, as is a golden bronze. These are also perfect for cooler skin tones that may clash with the bright yellow of regular gold.

-An outfit with golden details in it is ideal to go with golden accessories. A sheath dress with a gold cinching at the waist, a leather jacket with a gold-colored zipper or even a skirt with golden beading is the perfect backdrop for your favorite accessories. But just remember that less is more.

-Know about gold weights. There is a tremendous difference between 14K, 18K and 24K gold. Although 24K gold is pure gold and considered to be the highest standard of the metal, this is actually not desirable for jewelry as it is very soft and can break down quickly. Meanwhile, 14K can hold strong and give you the color you want, but is cheaper.

-Your gold doesn’t have to be 100 percent pure sparkle; fabrics in scarves, purses and more can have just a small dash of gold instead of that yellow color that screams “look at me!”. These are excellent to make your accessory into a neutral item to pair with everyday life without feeling like you’re going too far over the top.Gold flats at a bit of shine to your ensemble

-When wearing gold accessories, remember to keep your makeup look light to compliment it, not overshadow. You already have the big statement pieces in your outfit, so your makeup shouldn’t be competing with it. Warm eye shadow neutrals and muted pink lips go just fine with gold accessories. If you do opt for a bold color like a red lipstick, make sure the rest of your face remains natural.

What is your favorite way to wear gold? Let us know in the comments below!

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