Get Your Face from Bland to Glam with Our Guide

Some people are lucky enough to be born with perfect facial features. World renowned women like Giselle Bundchen and Angeline Jolie, quickly come to mind when thinking of beautiful faces. Even if you’re not a supermodel or famous actress married to Brad Pitt, you can attain that look without going under the knife. You can easily play up your best features through the use of contouring makeup techniques, a beauty sensation that’s trending all over the web. Not only is it simple but you can easily change it up every time you do your make-up. Contouring is simply a make-up technique used to enhance and define facial features. If you are having flashbacks to intense 80s blush, don’t worry, these days contouring is a lot more natural looking.
You don’t need to use a specific cosmetic brand and you may already have all the tools you need at home. Check out our guide below with specific steps and tips on how to do it.

What You’ll Need

The stuff you need to get it done:

• Contour color – you want something matte and approximately two shades darker than your natural skin tone. I have used everything from taupe eye shadow to foundation that I accidently purchased in a too dark skin color. You can use any texture that you prefer; cream, powder, liquid. I like to work with cream or liquid because it’s so easy to blend but I have definitely found powder easier when I’m in a rush. Just be careful not to mix different textures at the same time.
• Highlight color – you are looking for something close to your skin tone with a hint of opalescence or shine. I love liquid formulations, since you are just using a little it is easy to dab on. For fair skin pearly or pinkish choices better while something more golden brown works better for medium or darker skin.
• Brushes – the right brushes can work magic, but sometimes all you need are clean fingers! For powder textures I like to use an angled brush for contouring and a stippled brush with different hair lengths for highlighting. A sponge comes in handy when blending especially with cream and liquid textures.Learn to contour and highlight like a pro for a glam face!

How To Do It

• Start with a clean and moisturized face. This is the rule of thumb before applying any kind of cosmetics. Clean your face with your preferred facial wash then pat dry. For day time evenly apply moisturizer with SPF to keep your skin conditioned and protected from harmful rays. If you are going out in the evening, you can skip the SPF.
• The purpose of contouring is to emphasize the beauty you already possess. The darker make-up shade go in areas where shadows naturally fall while the highlighter color goes where light usually falls. This works together to enhance your facial features. You can also play with contouring to create visual illusions that change the appearance your features. For example, giving more prominent cheek bones, slimming or shortening the nose, making eyes appear larger. The purpose of contouring is to highlight specific areas on your face. Look at the mirror and mentally take note of the parts on your face that are usually hit by light. This will include the cheekbones, jaw line, bridge of the nose, temples and brow bone.
o For larger eyes apply lighter shades to the inner corners of eyes and darker shades to the outer corners. You can use colors of your preference for this. Also there is no particular way this must be applied: if you like a cat eye you can use that with this technique but it also works great with a more neutral look.
o Apply a lighter shade under your eyes but be careful not to get to close to your lower eye lashes. This will cause the circles under your eyes to appear darker. Your eyes themselves may appear smaller if you do this.
o Most common technique used to slim the nose is adding a darker shade along the sides of the nose from the tip up to the brows. To make the nose look smaller you can apply a contour color in a V shape to the tip of the nose. Run a bit of highlighter down the length of your nose as well.
o For great cheekbones apply the contour color to the hollows of cheeks (make a fish face to help you see) diagonally from the center of your cheek towards your ear. Then apply highlighter to the tops of your cheeks on the parts that protrude most when you smile.
o A double chin can be masked by putting on some bronzer along the jawline.
o You can also make your eye brows more pronounced to better frame your face. Fill them in with powder or pencil focusing on making the middle parts darkest rather than the edges.
o Applying loose powder is the last step in contour make-up to ensure that your make-up is set to last for a long time. Dab your powder brush into the powder and flick it to remove the excess. From the center of your face, lightly brush on the powder. Focus a little around the nostrils, eyelids and ears by lightly pushing the powder along these areas.

There are a number of products that you can use to achieve the ‘perfect’ face. All you need is to follow these contouring make-up techniques and you’ll be a step closer to looking like a supermodel.


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