Sensitive Skin Secrets

There’s oily skin, dry skin and the combination in between. But of course, there is also sensitive skin to deal with. Sensitive skin knows no bounds, and sometimes it is harder than regular skin issues, as reactions can be painful and difficult to deal with.

Oily skin is easily avoided by using the correct products

Oily Skin

Sensitive skin is any type of skin that might have a reaction to a certain ingredient, whether it’s in the form of acne breakouts, eczema, contact dermatitis or rosacea. Each type of skin sensitivity is different and needs to be treated accordingly.

OROGOLD reviews the top four tips on how to proceed with your sensitive skin:

Read product labels: Those with sensitive skin should always be looking at the labels of the products they want to use on their faces and bodies to make sure they won’t aggravate it. If your skin is sensitive, avoid products with alcohols, alpha-hydroxy acids, fragrances and antibacterial ingredients. Don’t trust the word “hypoallergenic,” either – this is a claim that isn’t regulated by any health organization.

Stick to products that have proven to work:. Steer clear of harsh soaps and instead opt for gentler products, such as our 24K milk cleanser. Moisturizers, as long as they don’t contain the trigger ingredients that your sensitive skin reacts to, are usually safe and necessary to protect and hydrate your skin. Moisturizing masks may be helpful, but steer clear of peels that may irritate.

Test the products before using them:. Depending on what you’re using, doing a test run of a product may help prevent the long-term pain of product reactions. Some items that are for one-time use, like hair dyes and hair removal creams, recommend doing a swatch test 24 hours before application to test for sensitivities. However, that may not be enough time for products for daily use. You may need up to five days to see how your skin will react with regular usage.

See a dermatologist when problems occur: Although most people with sensitive skin will keep going through products until they find one that works without irritation, sometimes you need serious medical treatment to go alongside them if your skin condition is chronic. A dermatologist may be able to diagnose the root of your problem and offer prescription treatments for serious issues like psoriasis and dermatitis.


72 thoughts on “Sensitive Skin Secrets

  1. I love ORO GOLD I’m using masks, day and night cream, when I apply on my face I feel like rubbing silk on my face, it is little expensive but it works very well. Thank you ORO GOLD!!

  2. Hello, I enjoyed reading your blog it’s full of information about how and what to use for all skin types, and I being a sensitive skin needs extra care as I still keep getting acne on my skin even after I’ve turned 40,hope you’ll keep us informed about your products as well as on how to keep looking young and bbeautiful

  3. i was in ny in august and went into your shop tried some and bought the whole range it is a great product shop was amazing staff were so cute and knowledgable thanks

  4. I absolutely love these products. I have struggled with dry skin and adult acne my entire life. One of the few products I know helps!

  5. I have really really sensitive skin and break out when I use the wrong products, wow this post has made some sense and am epically loving the orogold scrub at the moment…I think I need to stock up, haha !:)

  6. I Love the eye serum it really does make the puffiness disappear. I also love the body cream, smells great and really helps with dry skin. No oily feeling

  7. I’ve been using a sample of the day moisturizer that I received one day while walking past one of the stores and I’m in love with how soft and clean my skin feels after applying it. I just wish it was more affordable :/

  8. I just found out about these products today while I was shopping at the mall and one of the sales girl did a sample on my daughter and after she did the sample we saw instant glow and difference from her other hand and we were sold on the product right away. We bought the gold peel and got the gold deep day moisturizer for free and along with that we also got a great deal on the serum too. Looking forward to try the other products as well from this line. Thank you for the sampling demo.

  9. I decided to pamper myself and bough the deep peeling, facial cleanser and moisturizer. I’m hoping it works as well as the salesperson (who was very friendly) says it will. So far, I love it!

  10. I decided to pamper myself and bought the deep peeling, facial cleanser, and moisturizer. I’m hoping it works as well as the salesperson (who was very friendly) says it will. So far, I love it!

  11. hi, i joined your page recently. I have not used any of your product till now as there is no store nearby Pakistan. But after reading all the reviews about different products, i am dying to use them all. I also have a very sensitive skin and these products seem leading to a heavenly touched skin. Please guid me how can i buy your products.

  12. I have sensitive skin and it seems to get worse in the winter with the dry, cold, windy conditions. The milk cleanser sounds so soothing!

  13. I always appreciate your each and every article because they are valuable and informative. But the drawback is i cant purchase the precious brand yet because it is not available in Pakistan huuuh

    • dont worry masooma, same is the case with me. but i have won their products and soon i am gonna use them. dont loose hope, keep commemting and one day you ll win and try these products, best of luck

  14. This is great advice and I greatly appreciate the information. I know that I don’t have very sensitive skin but there are some things that bother me. I steer clear of them. I’m always wanting to try and explore new things. Especially beauty products so I try to test them on my elbows. Is this a good idea? I would love to see more information about your men’s line. I sometimes have milia on my face as well. Any advice on this?

  15. I just bought 24k bio-brightening complex peeling & dark spot solution today at the mall through a sales lady. Would like to try other samples if possible.

  16. Just purchased thee 24K Multi-vitamin Deep Peeling – AMAZING PRODUCT!!
    Absolutely LOVE IT!!! Excited to try more of the product line 😀

  17. I LOVE OroGold. My mom brought back a pack for me from Hawaii and it’s the best stuff ever. I love how I can actually SEE the dead yucky skin coming off of my face. Then I use the leave on cream and my skin has such a natural, healthy glow to it. I won’t use anything else.

  18. The products feels so good on the skin! Yes i too hope it works like the sales lady in Edmondton mall says, she too was very friendly! her name was Tal

  19. I sampled these products at my local mall. WOW! What a difference. I wish it was more affordable for me. I would buy it all. Would love to win the cleansers in the giveaway.

  20. To be completely honest I haven’t tried the skin care as of yet, I have only tried the makeup and it is stunning. I would love to try the skin care at some point real soon. It’s also nice to know that I have a chance of winning some skin care products : )

  21. Love orogold. Used the peel and the eye serum, vitamin c booster. Love all the products. They have made my skin more hydrated even toned and just a pretty glow. Would love to win some products

  22. I love oro gold i use golden body scrub and golden body butter and moisturizing cream and i have a manicure set i buy that here in philippines at Resort World

  23. Absolutely amazing Once you try it, nothing else will ever suffice! Worth every single dollar.

    I recommend it to everyone and anyone.

  24. I fell in love with Origold after receiving a small sample of the moisturiser from outside the store in Covent Garden. The cream made so much difference to my skin – it felt soft, smooth, and free from any lines. I would love to win the comp as my budget doesn’t stretch to a full size bottle 😦

  25. Madly in love with this brake threw. ORO GOLD is a experience not just beautiful jar. At first twist or pump…of your new OG product.I’ll feel new …brand new Beautiful and so confident I tell every one EVERY where I go . I just want everyone to feel 20yrs old again…Believe me when I tell u every one has came back to me and said how thankful and now are as Big of Fans as me ,well almost!!!!! Live wise Live HAPPY live young live ORO GOLD

  26. I received a sample of Orogold moisturizer @ my hotel in Las Vegas. I could tell the difference the moment I put it on! I’m looking forward to trying more of their product line.

  27. I just recently started using the peel and the moisturizer. I love it! I can’t use just any product because I have sensitive skin and rosacea. I gave this one a try because of reviews I read. I’m very happy I gave it a chance. It is worth every penny.

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