Influence ORO GOLD Cosmetics with your Opinion

Your feedback about OROGOLD Cosmetics design is important to us:

Show us your flair for design! Oro Gold Cosmetics is looking for stylish and innovative packaging design ideas for our newest OroGold cosmetics line. We need your help in choosing from these four amazing designs, and we want you to tell us which of these designs and concepts you think is the best match for the famous quality and style of Oro Gold Cosmetics. Simply post at the comment box below.

ORO GOLD 24K Nano Day Recovery

OROGOLD 24K Multi-Vitamin Day Moisturizer
ORO GOLD 24K-Deep-PeelingOROGOLD 24K CryogeniC Restoration-Cream

We are looking for bold, rich and eye catching packages, something which will make you excited to see and use, and will compliment the quality you have come to expect from ORO GOLD Cosmetics. We love having our great customers as a part of the creative process and we can’t wait to see what you have in mind.


70 thoughts on “Influence ORO GOLD Cosmetics with your Opinion

  1. I’m so fell in love with this product I just bought it. Been using it for a couple of weeks but I love It. I definitely recommend it.
    I’m using the 24k deep peeling and 24k multi- vitamin daily moisturizer.
    It’s awesome.

    • Thank you so much for your great feedback about the 24k multi- vitamin moisturizer and the 24k deep peeling. These products are very popular and for a good reason. They provide immediate results and we are glad that you can feel that too.
      Did you purchase your orogold products from one of our stores?

  2. They are all perfect. The 24K Nano container is like finding an exquisite gold nugget below the depths of the ocean. The 24K day moisture with the push top is like Old Faithful gushing forth the fountain of youth. The 24K Deep Peel container with it’s orb shape is like a newly discovered planet spinning through the darkness of space, leaving only a trace of gold dust. And last, but not least, 24K Cryogenics, Wow, smoke and ice, white as diamonds sparkling in the sun all frozen in time. They are all, in there own right, PERFECT!

    • Now thats a great comment. we loved to read your wonderful description of our packaging… we might even use it in our future promotional text if you agree 🙂 did you get a chance to visit one of our stores? we’d love to get your review about the look and feel of an oro gold store.

    • The Dallas Galleria location is exquisite. The staff, exceptional! I can’t wait to take my colleagues and friends with me next time I go. The atmosphere is perfect, the lighting is perfect and you become absorbed in the serenity and the beauty of the salon as if it was designed just for you.

  3. I absolutely admire the rounded body of Orogold’s 24K deep peeling! It’s very catchy, unique and classy. I’ve actualy known Orogold by this design because it caught my attention and the golden-bronzish shade definately adds class and boldness to it. This design is definately my style I love it ❤

    • Dear Kathrina,
      Thank you for your feedback. the round jar shape is definitely a recognized look for the orogold cosmetics brand. we are delighted to hear that it caught your attention. Did you try the 24k deep peeling? How did you feel about the peeling gel?

  4. I really like the last one. The 24k CryogeniC Restoration Cream…but then I’m thinking, “Does there need to be “gold” in the design? So, I do like the 1st design, and maybe the third. I don’t prefer the second design. It’s seems a tad bit simple and doesn’t have that glam factor.

    • This is the exact same issue we at orogold are facing when thinking of a new design concept… 🙂 should it be gold? or not? we do feel that the cryogeniC is giving out the right impression of the great luxury cream that it is… even without the gold packaging… So if you had to choose one.. would you go with the first one the oro gold 24k Nano day recovery?

  5. All the products look great… and i am not saying that because i want the $500… or maybe i am… lol … i think oro gold is a great product but if you really want my opinion i would go for the day recovery one

  6. I have extremely dry skin. In winter, when I take off my clothes it looks like it’s snowing on the bathmat.The 24k deep peeling cream is worth it’s weight in gold! My skin is sooo much softer and smoother and it leaves your skin glowing. Sometimes I even use a little on my hands and feet. It is one of the only products I know that can make hands look younger and less sun-damaged. I would definitely recommend Orogold products to my friends.

    • Reba, first of all we are extremely happy to hear oro gold is helping your skin. there is nothing more important then giving your skin what it deserves especially in today’s environmental conditions.
      Thank you for recommending oro gold to your friends as this is truly the best way we would like oro gold to be passed on. there is nothing better then a real personal experience. Do you have any other orogold cosmetics products you use?

  7. Love Love Love all your products its amazing i tell everyone about its.
    I used everything you carry. OROGOLD gives by far the best value and performance.
    My favorite products are 24K Multi-Vitamin day moisturizer and peel, which made my skin look younger.
    Body butter and body lotion are amazing!!!!
    Thanks Orogold Cosmetics!!!!

  8. I’m 31 now and a mother of three kids… having so dry skin is my big problem because i loose confidence. i really want to try your products and i wish to have one :). i like the design of #1 and #4… it seems so stylish, elegant, fragile and simple at the same time for the classic look.

    • We can definitely assist on dry skin condition. thank you for your feedback, you are now in the contest and we wish you luck.
      you can always come by an oro gold store for a free demo and some samples.
      Would you like us to check on a store near you?

  9. I am absolutely in love with oro gold deep peeling… it leaves the skin so soft and smooth ! cant wait to try more products but i gotta wait till payday 🙂

  10. I love the packaging from the orogold Nano day cream. It’s very cute. Love the colors. The only thing I would change is how to dispense the product. I would like it to either have a pump on it or a cover on it that stays on and you have to push it down to get the right amount from the jar. I just think it would stay fresher that way. Love orogold made a big difference in my skin

    • thank your for your opinion we will take it in to consideration. we love to get our customers feedback as we believe it is the best way for us to keep improving. do you mind sharing which oro gold products are you using and what is the difference you experience?

  11. Unfortunately I have not yet discovered Orogold Cosmetics where I live, but my lovely daughter-in-law living in London, uses it for herself and provides it for me as well. Aren’t I lucky having both? A beautiful daughter and Orogold! 😉

  12. 24k deep peeling, I must say caught my eye at first glance, to me it’s something I have not seen before in design. I was in love from the first second. it is incredibly stylish to seem incredibly fresh, light and very exclusive luxury. I personally have not heard of orogold until a few weeks ago. a friend of mine came home from vacation and had bought a lot of their orogold products. I tried to find it here in my city of Bergen in Norway but it’s not. I was so incredibly sad. after seeing this on youtube and on your web page. I wonder if I will ever be able to get hold of this. is quite impressed with how incredibly good you launch this product on your page. so really want to win this competition so I can get a chance to show my friends and others, how incredibly good care of your brand is and that they get what they pay for .. sorry for my english. had used orogold with great honor. really have faith in your products

    much love Elisabeth

  13. The product has many advantages over the competitors. The packaging always has the look of luxury. Each product feels great in application to your skin. The treatments, lotions…stay viable long after you first use it. My favorite quality is the smell when first put it on and for many hours after. For example, the body butter feels so good and smells so wonderful. I love the fact that many of those people in my life that I value, associate the glow, softness and smell of Oro Gold as indicative of who I am and not just the products I use!

    • Of the products shown, I favor the “Multi-vitamin Day Moisturizer”. The moisturizers made by OroGold are my favorites. I have attempted to use each as I have had the opportunity to purchase them. As I shared in my previous post, there are many qualities of your products that I have enjoyed and come to value.

      I am a person with chronic health issues. When my condition requires it, I must have a health aide assist me. At those otherwise frustrating times, when I must have an assistant, I have come to look forward to the time when your products are applied by my care attendant. Always, there is a smile, positive comments, and a chance to share a special beauty secret…ORO GOLD!

  14. I just got hooked on orogold!! Today I was on my lunch break and was called by one of the salesgirls from your outlet here in Malta, at first I thought here we go another promotional rip off. She politely handed me a sample of the day moisturizer, but then noticed that my long nails were mine and introduced me to the hyacinth manicure set and showed me how my nails shined with this fabulous product, I totally bought the kit and indulged in the 24k body lotion. Amazing! Desperately waiting for my next pay check to get the amazing creams above. Not only the products are fabulously made but my friend recommended that the results are equally fabulous!! 🙂

  15. Diamonds and 24k Gold what better combination can you add to your skin?

    I was wisiting London for my first time, when a salesmen introduced me for Oro skincare. At first I was sceptic, but I agreed on a demo. Im glad I did, even tough it resulted In a heavy visa transaction 🙂
    I love the products! 24k peel gives your skin the recover it need by removing dead skin, I use it 2-3 times a week. The 24k multi vitamin moisturizer combined with 24k eye cream is a must have! The products looks very elegant, so I have not placed them in the drawer, but on the shalf, where all my guests can see them. placed them Another Thing I love with this brand is the luxury feeling and service when you visit your stores.

  16. I’m 23 years old and I just start to take care of my skin, to have a wonderful and radiant skin you must start taking advises and good stuffs for it.
    I was in San Francisco for vacations, when a sales lady introduced me the 24K Multi-Vitamin Day Moisturizer with a tester. For sure I didn’t believe all what she said in the beginning, I’m really septic on all of this, I was all ready searching for some cream…
    After she showed me all the products I must used, I fall in love of these during the process in the demo… I agreed to get the 24K Multi-Vitamin Day Moisturizer and some other stuffs!
    I use it everyday after shower, I’m not the only one that can see the results, my mom want to use it.
    I must say, that the products are extremely nice and luxury…

  17. Using. The 24k deep peeling and the 24hr moisturising cream, got it as a gift and not sure if that the reason for my vote,but I pick the 24hr deep peeling as the design I find most suiting to. OROGOLD products.

  18. I live the mask that heats, but shop does not open everyday. I choose the peel as I have some open pores-hope I am correct in choosing it-and the restoration cream

  19. I would like to purchase some of your products. Kindly tell me where to get them in London or send me a link i can purchase from online.

    Looking forward to your feedback.

  20. Actually when i’ve been met orogold in the mall, i just got anger cuz the staff in the shop was too rude and compel to buy to me. 😦 well, whatever that time i need cosmetics, so i just tried to use it.
    I bought body butter, body salt, toner, 24k deep mosture creem, 24k deep peeling, and body mist (i think maybe i got more but i cannot recognize) . And you know that? I was so suprised those stuff!
    wow, it was a revolution to me, cuz i was a international student, so that was my first time to use the orogold. And than i suggets to try it to my all friends, and than my all of friends started to use it. 🙂 lol.. however now i stay in my contry, Korea, so i’ve to order the stuff by online, and i will 😀
    Finally now i can say thanks to that staff in the mall who makes me try to use it.

  21. an amazing products; u tried them all. i am crazy about, i am 52 and everybody say and admire:
    you look 32 no day more. i feel i can control time!!!! thank you OROGOLD

  22. I like the orogold 25 karat nano day cream packaging. It’s very cute just would like to see a pump on it for freshness. I use the orogold vitamin c booster love the scent and feel of the serum and it hydrates and even out my skin tone. I also use the orogold crygentic elixir and the orogold peel. Love these products they make my skin feel so soft and clear. Can’t wait for more orogold products ❤

  23. I really like the 24K Nano Day Recovery product design. To me, it looks like something you would buy from a specialty boutique. The design makes the product look luxurious, rich, top of the line, with a designer inspired flair. It is eye catching and it would make me pick the product up to read all about the product features. I like how all the font is done is a rich gold color that works perfect with the products name and image.

  24. Every day I use your 24k multi vitamin day moisturizer! I have this one friend, named Regina. She introduced me to all the brand names that I thought were just silly products. Then one after noon, this beautiful lady gave me a sample packet of your product. Was my opinion changed! With in 2 days of using this magic item, my skin glowed literally like gold! I will never stop buying your products.I hope everyone else agrees with my choice. And using them, makes me feel like 24k.

  25. Im from Dominican Republic and I was in Miami the last month when I visited Dadeland Mall I discovered Oro Gold… I’m using 24K moisturizing day cream and 24k Anti Aging Eye Serum and 24K Deep Peeling since a month ago.
    And my face and my eyes are really different. Now I love Oro Gold!!!

  26. 24k deep peeling is my absolute fav! i cant live without my husband, my kid and the OROGOLD 24k deep peeling))) i will never compromise on my skin care, i will never give up my OROGOLD skin care products!

  27. Just started using the Gold products – had a great visit in your newest NYC store while on vacation with my sisters. Thank you for all the great information.

  28. I like the 24k Nano Day Recovery myself. The packaging stands out more. Even the gold name against the dark bottle really stands out. The name also is something different. You typically don’t see the word “recovery” associated with a day cream. When I read it, it almost seems to relieve some of the stresses of the day. What a better way to start a morning!

    • I love using all of the Oro gold products. If I had to change anything about the packaging it would have to be that it is very hard to read what it is for once I toss the box out

  29. The last two are my favorite! The styles both have class like the name. Orogold is class in its self. But if I had to choose the classiest bottle it would be the last bottle with a hint if gold on the rim

  30. I would have to say the 24K Deep Peeling really stands out and screams OroGold. I mean the color of the container is gold and the smooth lines of the container can be associated with the smoothness of your face after using it. It always catches someone’s attention when they walk into my bathroom and I am always getting asked what it is. I think a few of my friends have even started using Orogold after asking me what the container is, I mean, I had to show them what an amazing product it is!!

  31. I like the metallic gold of the first product with the black ombré, except make it in the round shape and the in tire thing in the platinum metallic gold. Or make the top of circle package that gold and the bottom clear! I think that would be nice with a little mirror at the bottom or top:)
    The black and gold matches the store very well..or if you can make it look clear with flecks of gold exactly like the product or have it glow in the dark! Aloha from Hawaii. Get the Golden Glow with Orogold!

  32. The silver lining has reached the stars and outshines all that can be restored in my life oh what a surprise awaits me when I apply the 24k Cryogonic Retoration Cream to feel its smooth application on my skin to awake as new as the full moon

  33. I work at Sonic drive in….for several hours a day and my face at the end of the work day is coated in grease and nastiness….my face got so much acne and all of them were angry and red and it hurt to smile they were so inflamed…I was walking in the mall when his guy showed me the product so I tried it and withing two weeks my kin was healthy again and I felt like I had some extra protection whenever I went in to work!

  34. Lamentablemente la empresa no tiene puestos de venta en Argentina…y ya estoy viendo que mi problema es reponer esta maravilla de cosmetica OroGold que compre en mi ultimo viaje a Miami!…pasa que online lo puedo adquirir, pero en Aduana se detiene y no llega a mi domicilio…Por favor necesitamos las argentinas que instalen una venta en nuestro pais!!! desde ya muchas gracias.-

  35. I do think the round ball design is very revolutionary and distinct. One can pick it out very easily so I would have to give that one the nod due to the unique design and innovation. Job well done. I love to have them sitting on the counter in the master bath in the different colors just as decoration also!

  36. The 24K multi vitamin Day moisturizer is superb, love the product -though I don’t like the packaging. It looks nice, but i find it hard to get a grip on the lid (esp. after appying the vit C serum). The “orb” shaped packaging in my favorite.

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