Deconstructing ORO GOLD’s 24K Multi-Vitamin Day Nourishment

ORO GOLD Multi-Vitamin Day NourishmentAfter starting your daily regiment of Oro Gold 24K Multi-Vitamin Day Nourishment, you and everyone you know has noticed how fabulous your skin looks.  We consult and work with only the top industry professionals and leading research scientists when creating these high quality products for the ORO GOLD store, so you can trust that everything added to these formulas is there for a very specific reason.  In deconstructing the components of the 24K Multi-Vitamin Day Nourishment, you will see that every ingredient does something positive for your skin.

Vitamin E 

When taken orally, vitamin E helps the immune system function properly.  Part of the immune system’s job is to remove damaged skin cells.  As a topical cream, vitamin E helps remove the free radicals caused by stress and the environment.   Vitamin E works in conjunction with the fatty acids on the top layer of your skin and helps prevent free radicals from penetrating the surface.  Vitamin E oil minimizes the appearance of scars, eases inflammation and counteracts the damaging effect of ultraviolet radiation.

Vitamin A

Retinol Palmitate is the specific form of vitamin A used in this Oro Gold skin care product.  It causes your skin cells to regenerate faster.  This new skin cells will make your skin look more youthful.  This is a key ingredient in anti-aging and anti-acne products.

Vitamin B

Your skin receives many healthy skin benefits from vitamin B, but the most notable is its ability to keep skin hydrated.  It helps the top layer of skin retain moisture which will lead to a smoother appearance without the fine lines and wrinkles that show due to dehydration.


This specific B vitamin plays an important role in skin health.  On the Oro Gold 24K Multi-Vitamin Day Moisturizer, you will see it labeled as Panthenol.  This vitamin penetrates down to the lower layers of your skin where it is turned into pantothentic acid. It targets dryness and treats sunburns.


Not only can you get antioxidants from red wine and dark chocolate, but you can find it in your skin care products as well.  Antioxidants help clear your system of free radicals and minimizes the effects of any that remain in your system.  Antioxidants also help minimize the damage caused by the sun by protecting cells from ultraviolet radiation damage.

24 K Gold

It simply would not be an Oro Gold product without the use of our trademark ingredient, gold.  Gold has long been thought to be the “elixir of life” and use of its healing qualities date back to ancient times.  Now our nano gold technology allows microscopic particles of gold to penetrate your skin, bringing the benefits of gold to a whole new level.

All of these vitamins and nutrients play  an important role in your skin’s health and they are all contained within one amazing product.  When all of these ingredients are combined in the right way, using the right amounts, the result is a smooth, hydrated complexion.


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