OROGOLD Presents Cures For Men’s Top 5 Skin Problems

Man taking care of his skin outdoorsYes, most men would like to believe that they don’t suffer from skin problems like the ladies do because of their higher collagen and elastin production rates and their thicker skin. However, man or woman, your skin does deteriorate with age. The only difference is that women might end up showing the signs of aging faster than men. Your skin is subjected to all sorts of threats, damages and problems. The UV rays and the harmful free radicals are not just the only things tormenting your skin. Cuts, scrapes, chemicals and infections also play a major role in making life difficult for your skin. Add to this your sweaty gym clothes, male habits, stressful lifestyles and improper diets and you have the perfect torture chamber for your skin.

As a result of these problems and the constant torture, there are several skin problems that crop up every now and then. This post deals with offering you with more knowledge about the 5 most common skin problems among men and their solutions.

Skin Problem # 1 – Wrinkles

Wrinkles might make you think of your grandmas, but trust us, no one is safe from them. Man or woman, your face is bound to be subjected to wrinkles sooner or later. To make sure that its later rather than sooner, you really need to start off with anti-aging skin care. But before that, you need to quit smoking. As long as you’re smoking, there is no point following a skin care routine because you’re causing irreparable damage to your skin. Once you do that, start off with prevention. Protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun and take the help of anti-aging serums and moisturizers. Look for ingredients like Resveratrol, Vitamin C or Retinols in your skin care.

Skin Problem # 2 – Dark Circles

Dark circles are mostly given to you as a gift from your parents, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t get them on your own. Improper sleeping habits and poor diets are likely to give you a few dark circles of your own, irrespective of whether your parents gave them to you  or not. And since your schedules don’t seem likely to change, start changing your diets and your skin care routines. Add nutrient rich fruits and vegetables, start off with regular exercises and incorporate special eye care creams and serums into your skin care routine.

Skin Care Problem # 3 – Acne

Contrary to what most men believe, pimples are not just restricted to the school life and your teens. The hormones were responsible for the pimple onslaught during your teens, but things like stress, excessive sweating and humidity can also lead to pimples. Start following a proper skin care routine and add ingredients that help you to treat acne. If your flare ups are really bad, visit a physician and request a proper treatment.

Skin Care Problem # 4 – Sunburns

Sunburns occur when your skin gets exposed to the UV rays of the sun. Although most men never get a bright red color, the damage done to their skin is the same. Using prevention strategies such as broad spectrum SPF 30 sunscreens, broad rimmed hats and sunglasses are the best way of protecting your skin from sunburns. But in order to negate the damage caused to your skin, you need to start using products that contain ingredients which help with anti-aging and sun protection.

Skin Care Problems # 5 – Razor burns

Razor burns are normally not very serious, but they can lead to lasting irritations or pimples that last you for several days. The problem most probably lies in your shaving technique. However, there are certain other blunders which can lead to razor burns as well. To help minimize these razor burns, use things like a pre-shave serum and an aftershave balm. Look out for ingredients such as Aloe Vera or Vitamin E in your products. It also helps to use proper shaving gels and shave with short and deliberate strokes. We recommend trying OROGOLD grooming products to get the most luxurious and comfortable shave.

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A man touching his skin and looking in the mirrorWhat are men’s top skin problems and treatments?

As tough and rugged as men are sometimes perceived to be, it may come as a surprise that their skin can actually be very sensitive. Harmful chemicals and infections, cuts, scrapes, overexposure to sunlight, sweat, and stress can make male skin react in many less-than-ideal ways.

A man using a handheld mirror to examine his skin


Pimples aren’t just an issue for teenagers…unfortunately. Humidity, stress, heavy sweating, or the use of steroids can cause blemishes. Even if you’re the figure of perfect personal hygiene and diet, you’ll still see flare-ups. In fact, washing your face too much can cause acne to get worse.

If your acne is bad enough to rattle your confidence, see a primary care physician. If you’re dealing with a more moderate situation, try a 5 percent, over-the-counter, benzoyl-peroxide skin wash from your local drug store, and use it twice a day.

A man holding razor

Razor Burn

Razor burn can affect a…

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