Caring for Elbows and Knees

OROGOLD Knees and ElbowsMost of the time when we think of skin care, we don’t remember the elbows and knees. The derma of elbows and knees are by large measure devoid of oil glands. This is why they get dry so fast. Without proper care elbows and knees develop a dark appearance and a rough layer of skin covers them. This is unsightly, especially as the summer months loom ever closer and these areas will be exposed for all to see.

Causes of dark, rough elbows and knees include constant exposure to the sun without protective sunscreen or coverings, side effects from the use of some types of medications, certain diseases and disorders, and constantly leaning on the elbows or kneeling without protective clothing. One of the causes of rough, dark skin on the elbows and knees is due to improper hygiene and and care. OROGOLD Products can offer some tips on how to keep all areas of your body smooth, soft, and looking beautiful.

How to take care of elbows and knees

  • A pumice stone can be used to help keep elbows and knees clean of dirt, which can make them look patchy and black. Rub gently on the affected area.
  • Use a good moisturizing lotion or cream–like the OROGOLD skin care moisturizers–to moisturize the elbows and knees every day. Try rubbing some coconut or olive oil on them after a shower or bath to keep them soft and smooth.
  • Remember to apply ample moisturizer to the elbows and knees before going out in order to protect from the elements. Extra moisturizer is appropriate after a swim and before retiring for the night as well. Massage well so the moisturizer seeps deep into the skin.
  • Soaking in a warm, bubbly bath is helpful to soften the dry skin on the elbows and knees. Gently scrub the area with a mild soap–you can use a body wash designed to remove dead skin from the body.
  • With a little research, you can find some easy to make and apply home remedies to both soften the skin of the elbows and knees, as well as lighten the darkness in these areas.

OROGOLD Products and other trusted cosmetics companies offer a variety of products, including scrubs and moisturizers for the optimal care of your skin, including the often-forgotten elbows and knees. OROGOLD brings luxury and opulence to any skin routine, no need to visit a spa! Resolve today to find the best products available for the care of your elbows and knees and begin a daily skincare regimen to protect and heal these areas. As the summer months approach, you won’t be ashamed to show off your soft, smooth, and beautiful elbows and knees. In fact, you’ll be itching to put on that new bathing suit and head to the beach to show off your newfound elbows and knees!

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