Keep Your Skin Safe from Winter Weather

Woman holding up a snowflake in front of well cared for skinIt might begin to feel like winter, but don’t let the chilly season wreak havoc on your skin care routines. There are a number of simple and effective tips and solutions that can be used to take care of your skin care routines and ensure that your skin doesn’t suffer from the chilly weather.

Change your skin care routine according to the seasons

In order to adapt your skin to the chilly winter months, you must ensure that you plan ahead. First of all, it is extremely important to change your skin care routines with the seasons. As the winter months arrive, you need to include hydrating and thicker creams that are more moisturizing than what you would usually find in the summer months.

Don’t miss out on your sunscreens

Just because it is the winters doesn’t mean that you can skip out on your sunscreens. The suns rays are equally damaging when it’s sunny or cloudy, whether its the summers or the peak winters. You need to use moisturizers with sunscreens that offer SPF 30 protection all round the year.

Add Retinols to your night care routine

The harsh winter climate can make your skin look dry, flat and reddish in color. Therefore, moisturizing the skin with moisturizers that have sunscreens and antioxidants as well as using night creams and serums that have retinol at night are equally important

Ban hot water baths

Hot water baths might feel extremely refreshing, but they can actually cause a lot of damage to your skin by making it loose the moisture and breaking down the lipid barriers of the skin. You are always better off with using cold water and staying in the shower for a lesser period of time. If cold water seems to be intolerable during the winters, use warm water instead.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Winter is a very dry time of the year and as such can make skin dry as well. This is way it is super important to focus on moisturizing during the winter even more than other times of the year. Be prepared ahead of time with an effective moisturizer. OROGOLD Travel Daily Essential Kit not only contains a peel, a day moisturizer and a night moisturizer, but it comes in an easy to transport travel kit to ensure that skin is moisturized no matter where you are! This set was recently highlighted in an article about protecting skin from winter weather  the, check out the details here.

Dress properly

Leave the skimpy clothes for the summer months. You need to ensure that you dress according to the weather. The best way to dress for winter is to dress in layers and to use a wind resistant outer layer.  Wearing hats, mittens, mufflers and insulated gloves are important when it gets chilly. Warm and waterproof footwear also helps you in preventing skin exposure to the climate extremities.

Avoid using harsh peels and masks

It always makes sense to avoid harsh peels and masks and alcohol based toners during the winter months as they can strip away the essential oils from your skin. The best solution is to use cleansing milk or mild cleansers instead.

Following these simple tips should help you to maintain your skin during the harsh winter months and ensure that you don’t have to suffer from skin breakouts or damage during winter.


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