IMG_4321Oro Gold Cosmetics is quickly becoming the preferred skin care line for the rich and famous. Renovating the definition of luxury cosmetics, Oro Gold infuses all of their products with 24 karat gold.

Due to the body’s electro-chemical make up, the metallic based formula of skin care products from Oro Gold acts as a conductor with the skin, recharging skin cells and blood vessels, promoting growth and restoration.

Along with restoring your skin, the gold particles found in every bottle that carries the Oro Gold label transforms the appearance of your skin. The 24 Karat Gold in Oro Gold cosmetics is broken down into colloidal particles that penetrate the skin barrier, and settle into the fine lines and wrinkles acquired by age and sun damage. The gold particles fill in the skin, firming it and restoring elasticity.

Oro Gold Cosmetics understands that the beauty of nature lends itself out for the taking. This is why 24 Karat Gold is but one of the ingredients Oro Gold infuses into their skin care cosmetics. Products also contain pearl powder, diamond dust, and caviar extract. In addition, Oro Gold specially formulates their products with essential vitamins, such as vitamins A, E, and C, to provide the anti-aging benefits of collagen producing proteins, and other beneficial nutrients for healthy skin.

This expertly crafted formula, along with these luxurious ingredients result in the youngest looking face, the healthiest complexion, and the most glowing countenance available on the market today from a skin care product.

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