Exclusive Shopping Experiences

Stylish woman in high fashion in fron of luxury store

Shopping, like chocolate, coffee, and music is essential to every woman’s life. We thrive on it, and need to have our shopping almost as bad as we need the air we breathe. Here at OROGOLD we believe it should be added to the basic needs list, along with water, air, food, and shelter.

Exclusive shopping experiences are some of the most fantastic experiences a woman can encounter. High end stores tend to offer high end clientele the royal treatment, and provide the ultimate in service. For women who live for luxury and the finer things in life, these types of shopping experiences are perfect – and once they experience them, they will never want to go back to mediocre.


What Makes Exclusive Shopping Experiences Different

Exclusive shopping experiences are completely different from your typical run of the mill, mediocre shopping trips. They take place in stores that are of high quality with large price tags, and cater to the needs of women willing to spend a pretty penny on their fashion.

Most women who partake in these types of shopping trips are either professional women, or those whom are blessed with wealth and are looking for an outlet to spend money on high fashion. They appreciate simple, streamlined shopping without all of the nonsense, crowds, and low quality products that regular stores have to offer.

Many of these luxury retailers will provide their customers with a glass of wine or champagne as their orders are being rang up, or as they shop. Sometimes, in lieu of alcohol, fine chocolates will be provided instead. There is typically no music playing throughout these stores, and if there is, it may be classical or instrumental. If you are in a popular culture themed store, however, you may expect to hear upbeat music playing over the speakers. Exclusive shopping experiences tend to take place in the city, in areas with high volume traffic and many people abounding. Think New York, which has a few major shopping districts, or places like Los Angeles, Boston, London, Paris, and Milan.

These stores offer superb customer service, with sales associates ready to answer to your every beck and call. They offer assistance in fitting rooms, as well as exchanging articles of clothing to find you something more your style or size, and offer their professional opinion – almost as if you have your own personal stylist for the time you are shopping there. This in and of itself is unlike any experience you will receive at any mainstream shop, store, or boutique.

Many of these stores allow shoppers by appointment only, to offer superb customer service that caters to your needs. Then again, many of these stores do not require appointments at all. It’s always best to call ahead and find out a stores policy if you are in the market for high end fashion – unless, of course, you are a regular, and know the established policy.


Once you go High End, You Never Go Back

It’s been said earlier in this article that if you are given the experience of shopping with one of these fine stores, you will never again want to shop at the lower end bargain stores you had been used to. There is something extremely special about walking out of a luxury brand with your bags in hand at the end of a fantastic shopping trip. The products are of the finest quality, and are made to last for the most part. You will be amazed at the difference in an exclusive shopping experience.


OROGOLD wants to know what your favorite luxury brands are. Chime in below, and tell us your thoughts!

Online Shopping vs. In Store Shopping

Shopping is something many women enjoy, and for some, it can be difficult to decide whether to shop online or in person. Shopping online can have its advantages, as well as disadvantages. Shopping in store can also have the same. OROGOLD explores the pros and cons of both, so that you can make an educated decision as to which form of shopping is right for you.

Woman shopping on her laptop with her shopping bags near her

Pros of Online Shopping

Certain websites and brands will sometimes offer their loyal store credit card holders exclusive deals to special shopping events held online. Not only that, but if there is a point system in place, you will also be able to rack up extra points with some merchants.

There is usually a larger selection of merchandise available online as opposed to in store, being that the warehouses store more of the product for shipping. Some vendors will use free or extremely cheap shipping costs, especially for store credit card holders.

There are also ways to save money by shopping online by use of discount or promo codes which can be found through internet searches, and on occasion in promotional e-mails sent to your e-mail inbox. There are also many websites available online which provide discounted items at a fraction of the cost you would spend in store.

For women with busy lifestyles, online shopping is their only method of finding time to buy something for themselves, and this is a great option for them.


Cons of Online Shopping

When buying items from a store you may have never ordered or shopped with in the past, the sizing of clothing items may be off. You may know you wear size 7 in jeans; however, their size 7 may be too snug or even too big. Every brand has its own sizing chart. It can be stressful to anticipate an order’s arrival, and then receive the order only to find out the item(s) didn’t fit properly. Even more stressful, the items may or may not be eligible for a refund, and if they are, you may or may not have to pay for the shipping of the item back to the company. Sometimes, you may even have to fork over the cost of a restocking fee.

If you are purchasing an item online which contains scent, such as a candle, lotion, perfume or body wash, you may be unpleasantly surprised when you receive the item. Something you thought looked like it would smell fantastic may not be as lovely as you originally thought once in hand. Unless you’ve used or smelled the product in person previously, be wary of buying scented things online.

Sometimes, shipping fees are excessive, and there are only one or two expensive shipping options to choose from. That being said, it may be more cost effective to go to your local mall or store and purchase the item there, especially if you live in close proximity to the store.

Sometimes, certain items may be on back order, or take a long time to arrive – especially around holiday times. As a general rule to online shopping, it should be said that products intended for popular holiday gifts should be bought one – three months in advance of the holiday to ensure you receive the item on time.

Womans legs and feet show shopping in a store with shopping bags

Pros to Shopping in Store

When it comes to shopping in store, you are able to get your item the same day, where you don’t have to wait on an item to ship. This can be exceptionally important when you have an event scheduled for that week. Having what you need when you need it is obviously the point here. If time is of the essence, your best bet is to purchase the item in store and have it readily available to use.

When shopping in store, you are able to try on items and ensure they fit properly before buying them.

You are sometimes privileged to special sales and promotions only found in store.

Shopping in store may be more economical for those unwilling to pay sales tax and shipping fees. If the store is local, you could make a quick trip there, saving unnecessary shipping costs.

Some women prefer to shop in store due to the fact that it’s more hands on, and some people are generally more hands on shoppers. Something that doesn’t look as alluring on the same store’s website might jump out at you in person.


Cons to Shopping In Store

Some women don’t have the time it takes to physically make a trip to the mall or their favorite stores. Online shopping is much more convenient for them, as it only takes a trip to a website and a few clicks of a mouse.

Those who are disabled may find it difficult to get to stores in person. Due to this, online shopping may work better for them.

If you are short of cash on hand, and you have a store credit card, charging your order online may be a faster, easier way to go – and you typically earn more points via shopping online, as well as saving money with promo codes only redeemable online.

If you’re a mom of small children, taking them to the stores can be an overwhelming experience. Screaming, crying children can make shopping feel like a nightmare. In this case, shopping in store may not be such a great idea.

Perhaps you live in an extremely isolated location, with no access to your favorite stores. In this case, shopping in person isn’t always attainable, whereas shopping online may work much more effectively for you.


Make an Educated Decision on What Type of Shopping Works for You

While there are many reasons to shop online vs shopping in person, and vice versa, it’s important to note everyone is different, and everyone has their own preferences.

Which method of shopping do you enjoy most, and why? Chime in below!

OROGOLD Offers Top Shopping Tips – ORO GOLD Reviews

Women shoppingWhen it comes to shopping, women are like moths to a flame. It’s an insatiable urge, something we feel we have to do at least every couple of weeks. What is it about shopping that is so exciting, fun, and addicting? We at OROGOLD believe we have the answer to that question: everything!

Shopping can be a fun way to pass the time, spend that extra money we have saved up for a rainy day, or just indulge in a little luxury for ourselves. Whatever the case may be for you, if you love shopping as much as we do – this article is for you. Here, we offer some of the top shopping tips to help you become the best shopper you can be.


Bring a Friend

Not only is it so much more fun to shop with a friend or two, but it also provides you constructive criticism from someone you can trust, and a true friend will never steer you wrong. If that dress really makes you look fat, you’ll know it!


Set a Budget

Setting aside a budget for your shopping excursions is always a great way to plan ahead, while still denoting a specific amount of whatever you want and are able to spend on that particular shopping trip. This ensures you won’t over spend, and also provides you with an exact amount that you know you can look forward to burning through once you hit the mall!


Do Your Research

If you’re a tad clueless as to what’s hot and what’s not, using the internet and making it your best friend for the day is a great way to ensure you are in the know before you go and explore the styles in person. Check your favorite stores for the newest fashions, and get your mind wrapped around what’s going on in the fashion world and find outfits and styles you love. This can help eliminate time wasted in one store because you didn’t go properly prepared. That way, you will have much more time to spend browsing through the other stores you love!


Try Before You Buy

One of the most important aspects of any shopping trip is to make sure you try on the item before you buy it. This will ensure the item fits properly, and that it actually looks good so there will be no unwanted surprises when you get home. If you love it, buy it! If you don’t, put it back. And for the love of God, don’t buy something that doesn’t fit. If it is two sizes too small, leave it alone. Don’t have the mind state of, “Well, when I lose 30 pounds I will definitely be able to fit into this! Let’s buy it!” No. Just…no. You’re wasting your money, and you know it. Stick with what works, and be proud of who you are right here, right now. It’s great to be optimistic, but why buy something you can only stare at every day while indulging in a pint of Ben and Jerry’s?


Shopping is a fun, exciting way to spend a day off. Be sure to be a smart shopper, and the rest will fall into place as it should. If shopping becomes stressful, you’re doing it wrong!


What are some of your favorite shopping tips? Share them with us below in a comment.

OROGOLD Offers Tips on Hiring a Personal Shopper – ORO GOLD Reviews

Personal shopper sitting in her officeLeading a busy and hectic lifestyle can at times take a toll on our ability to complete the day to day tasks in everyday life. Things such as getting the shopping done become even more hectic and difficult due to time constraints. Sometimes, it’s necessary to hire help – and that’s perfectly okay. Everyone needs a little help sometimes.

There are a few important steps you should take before hiring anyone, which will protect you as well as match you up with someone with the proper qualifications for the job.


Step One – Do Your Research

You should know what it is exactly that you are looking for before actually trying to hire help. If you simply want a personal shopper, do some research on what exactly a personal shopper does. Also, research the rates most personal shoppers will charge per hour or per assignment so that you have a general ballpark idea as to what you can expect to pay for this service.


Step Two – Post an Advertisement

Finding a few good places to post an ad for help wanted is pretty easy thanks to the internet. Sites such as Craigslist, eBay Classifieds, and your local newspaper’s online classified section is a great place to start. You can also take your advertisement back to the old school and post a written advertisement in your local newspaper’s classified section. Any or all of these ideas are a great way to let the world know you are seeking help, and get the word out. You could also use your social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter to advertise. Social media is a great way to spread the word as you could have your friends share with their friends and their friends share with their friends. You get the point.


Step Three – Interview Candidates

After receiving inquiries about the position, you can narrow down your list of candidates to a handful. From there, you can conduct interviews and select those you feel would be a good fit for the job, and whose personalities mesh with yours. This is important, due to the fact that they will be working closely with you. Discuss the job details, rates of pay, and ask any questions you may have. Also, give the candidate an opportunity to ask questions as well. It is highly suggested that you run a background check on the candidate prior to hiring them. This can help you weed out those who are less than what you would expect from someone you hired. Arrest reports are public record and are available for free online; however, a thorough background check will cost you anywhere from $10-30.00. It is your responsibility to pay for the background check, not the candidates. Some companies offer a month’s subscription to their services to run as many background checks as you like for a monthly subscription fee. This is generally the best way to go.


Step Four – Make Your Decision and Hire

Deciding on the proper individual for the job is sometimes difficult, but it can be done. Weigh the pros and cons each person has and weigh your options from there. Work with someone you feel you can trust and who you believe will do the job right. Once the interview process is over and you make the hire, rest assured the best part is yet to come. Now that you can breathe a sigh of relief, it’s time to get to work – or to delegate it!


Step Five – Relax

Now that you’ve gotten some appropriate help for the job, you can rest assured that you can carry on as usual while one of the important things you previously had no time to do is being done. Be proud of yourself, and breathe easy – the hard part is done.


Hiring a personal shopper will alleviate the workload and stress off of yourself, providing you with time to complete the other things requiring your time. By doing this the right way, you will avoid a potentially negative outcome and be happy with the end result.

OROGOLD Examines High Fashion in Ancient Egyptian Times – ORO GOLD Reviews

Papyrus depicting ancient Egyptian civilizationHigh fashion isn’t typically something we think about when thinking about Ancient Egyptian culture and times. During that time period, however, there were various people in the wealthy and royal culture that shaped the fashion of the future.

When we think high fashion, we tend to think of New York fashion week, old Hollywood style, chic Paris, preppy London, and luxurious Milan. What most of us overlook is the fact that there was a time long ago in Ancient Egypt where women such as Cleopatra, Nefertiti, and Isis ruled the country and the fashion world while adorned in gorgeous dresses, jewels, and gold.

Egyptian linen was the most widely used material for those in royalty and positions of power, as well as civilians. Egyptian linen is completely different from the typical linen we see and think of today. The material was made exquisitely, and with much care in the crafting of the material. It felt like silk, and was extremely soft. The wealthiest people who wore the finest clothes always had pure white linen, as it showed a sign of their royalty or wealth. Most of the Egyptians of the ancient time period were hard working and poor, and wore garments which were dyed to mask the appearance of dirt and stains. To wear a garment of white signified the fact that the person wearing it merely relaxed all day and simply enjoyed life.

Most of the expensive garments the Ancient Egyptian Queens and Kings wore were frayed at the edges for flair, and they also paired their clothing with head dresses and many jewels, necklaces, and gold. Many of the accessories worn by the rich and famous residents of Ancient Egypt contained depictions and artifacts such as scarab beetles, scorpions, falcons, and other important aspects of Egyptian culture.

Aside from their elaborate clothing choices, high fashion in Ancient Egypt also entailed expensive wigs. Men and women alike wore these wigs along with head pieces or head dresses. Many of these head dresses contained gold and jewels.

To correlate their expensive looks and tastes, the Ancient Egyptians also rid their bodies of hair – much like we do today. Although they wore wigs, and the women had long hair underneath, keeping hair from existing anywhere else on their bodies was important to both the women and men of Egypt.

Aside from the clothing and personal hygiene preferences of Ancient Egypt, the makeup both the men and women would wear looked elaborate and glamorous. They lined their eyes in dark black patterns to shield them from the sun – somewhat like modern day sun glasses. They would also use a sort of ancient hair gel to keep their wigs in place and looking perfect all the time. For perfume, fragrance cones were used daily. They were placed on the person’s head and throughout the heat of the day, the cone would melt and run down the body of those who wore them, perfuming their skin with luxurious fragrance of various kinds.

Hair was worn in elaborate styles even when wigs were used. The women of Ancient Egypt were known to have long hair and typically wore their hair down and straight, however; sometimes, they were known to wear it in braids as well as other beautiful styles.

While we will never fully know the extent of the high fashion world in Ancient Egypt, we do know that even though the days of old occurred passed long ago, some of the same styles still live on today – which shows how much of an impact the Ancient Egyptian culture has had on the world.
The Queens and Kings of Ancient Egypt paved the way for the fashion world of today – and we are forever thankful for it.

OROGOLD Examines Celebrity Skin Care Tips: Keep or Toss? ORO GOLD Reviews

You want to look younger? Who doesn’t? Ever dreamt of having flawless body like your favorite celebs? Who hasn’t?  Let us get you in on a secret. It’s certainly not impossible to enjoy a flawless looking body like your favorite celebrity, but it’s certainly not going to be easy. Ensuring that your body looks flawless is a time consuming job that requires a lot of discipline and self control. We rounded up some of the top tips offered by celebrities to let you in on their little secrets. Skin care and body care are certainly not as easy as they make them sound, but these tips are definitely an excellent place to start.

Denise Richards in front of the OROGOLD wallCelebrity Tip from Denise Richards (in her interview with OK Magazine!) – Be particular about what you put on your skin and your body.

It’s great to have a skin care and body care routine, but you should ensure that you use products which actually suit your skin type. Choosing products is about checking for their compatibility with your skin and glancing through the ingredient list, not about getting attracted to that fancy looking jar and amazing marketing. If a brand can offer you the best of both worlds, why not!

Actress Kristin DunstCelebrity Tip from Kirsten Dunst (in her interview with Stylelist.com) – Moisturize your skin twice a day.

Any skin care routine requires you to follow two routines – one for the mornings and one for your nightly skin care. Both routines require certain basic processes such as cleansing, using serums and moisturizing the skin. OROGOLD suggests that you use a protective moisturizer in the mornings that prepares your skin for the day and acts as the perfect base for your minimalist make-up application and a hydrating moisturizer at night so that you can enjoy a softer and smoother look the next morning. 

Actress Ellen PompeoCelebrity Tip from Ellen Pompeo (in her interview with the Allure Magazine) – Drink a lot of water.

OROGOLD has always advised its customers to drink a lot of water so as to ensure that their skin and their body remains hydrated. When you drink water, it doesn’t directly affect the skin. It flushes through your intestines and gets absorbed into the blood stream. Only then does it get filtered to the kidneys, the point when it hydrates the cells of your body. Thus, drinking water might not directly hydrate your skin, but it ensures that your body functions normally. OROGOLD advises you to add topical skin care moisturizers that allow you to enjoy a hydrated look. This helps you to take care of hydration from the inside as well as the outside.

Celebrity Tip from Nicole Richie (in her interview with the New York Times) – Don’t wear a lot of make-up so that your skin has some space to breathe.

While wearing make-up isn’t necessarily a bad thing (it somewhat protects your skin from the sun), wearing too much of make-up can torment your skin. And didn’t you follow the recently concluded New York Fashion Week? Going “au naturel” is the hippest thing in the world of fashion. The lesser the make-up, the more fashionable you look. Remember, the idea is to add subtle amounts of make-up so as to highlight your main features, not to look plastic.  OROGOLD advises you to follow a proper and well defined skin care routine and concentrate on that UVA and UVB protection so that your skin looks beautiful even without make-up.

Remember, you don’t have a team of professionals helping you out with every aspect of skin and body care. You don’t have a huge fan following to give you that extra motivation. But, you do have that dream. Cling on to it with both hands and stay focused. A flawless looking body is easy to find, provided you give it the attention that it deserves.

OROGOLD Reveals Ancient Egyptian Beauty Secrets – ORO GOLD Reviews

Ancient Egyptian Beauty When we think about Ancient Egyptian beauty, the first thing that tends to come to mind was the beautiful Queen of Egypt herself: Cleopatra. Cleopatra was touted as the most beautiful Queen to have ever lived, and it’s no wonder her beauty secrets have been revered for centuries.

Cleopatra would write her beauty recipes and secrets down on papyrus and form them into scrolls. Many years later, these scrolls were discovered – along with all of the wonderful beauty tricks and tips she had to offer.

It is with great pleasure we bring you some of those secrets today, in this article on Ancient Egyptian Beauty Secrets and their revelation.


Milk & Honey

Milk and honey have long been considered essential to moisturizing the skin. Cleopatra would take a daily goat milk bath and incorporate honey into the water with the milk. Goat’s milk contains alpha-hydroxy components as well as capryllic acids, both known for sloughing away dead skin, and allowing new skin cell generation. Aside from that, the milk itself is incredibly moisturizing and works with the honey to cleanse and renew the skin. Add 3 cups of goats milk, ½ cup of honey, and (optional)  5 tbsp. of almond oil or olive oil to running bathwater, and voila! Instantaneous moisturized skin in a snap.


Olive Oil, Frankincense and Myrrh

Cleopatra was known to use olive oil in her hair along with Frankincense and Myrrh essential oils mixed in to perfume her hair, and moisturize it. This will also keep dandruff away as well. Simply use olive oil as a pre-wash to your shampoo, and don’t use conditioner that day. It works fantastic – and if you want to add the essential oils for an authentic fragrance we suggest you go for it! Frankincense and Myrrh are revered as sacred and holy in some cultures and religions. They were also extremely expensive in ancient Egyptian times and were used by the wealthy and powerful.


Sea Salt Body Scrub

Many wealthy and powerful women of ancient Egypt used a body scrub made from salt obtained from the Dead Sea. You can get the same treatment today by utilizing 2 heaping tablespoons of sea salt and 3 tablespoons of a heavy cream (food grade, unflavored) and mixing together. Scrub your body in circular motions gently with the mixture and allow it to sit on your skin for 5-10 minutes. Rinse, and be amazed at the gorgeous, super soft skin you will have.


Moisturizing Face Cream

Cleopatra herself kept her youthful appearance by applying a special face cream she had made every day. The cream consists of 2 tablespoons of aloe vera juice, 6 drops of rose essential oil, 1 tablespoon of almond or olive oil, and 2 spoons of beeswax. Simply heat the beeswax in a pan (or even in the microwave) until melted, followed by the aloe juice and rose oil and almond or olive oil. Mix well, and store in a glass jar in your refrigerator for up to one week. You can use this cream daily to moisturize your skin and provide a fantastically smooth and soft complexion.


White Clay Facial Mask

This is one of the most well-known secrets from Cleopatra’s scrolls, and is what is believed to have kept her skin in such good condition and so utterly beautiful. Cleopatra would use a white clay mask very frequently, cleaning her skin of impurities and toxins, and refreshing her appearance in the process. White clay is also known to rid the skin of acne problems.

You can make a very similar recipe at home with 2 tablespoons of kaolin white clay powder, 2 tablespoons of whole milk or cream, 1 tablespoon of honey and one tablespoon of olive oil. Mix all of the ingredients together, and apply to your face and neck. Allow the mask to sit on your face for 10-15 minutes, and then rinse away. Your skin will feel pure, fresh, and soft. You can use this mask 1-2 times per week.


While this is just a small bit of the incredible beauty tips we can take from Ancient Egypt, there will be more to come. We hope you enjoy these recipes and ideas, and use them every day to have the most beautiful skin around!

Let us know what you think about these ideas and recipes in the comments section below. Enjoy!

OROGOLD on the Colors of Fall – ORO GOLD Review

Fall leaves hanging off a clothes lineWhen we think of fall, we think of the gorgeous leaves on the trees changing colors. We think about the fun holidays we get to indulge in, and the fun clothes we get to wear. Maybe you’re completely clueless as to what colors are fall appropriate. Have no fear; we are here to provide an instructional guide as to what’s in, in terms of fall colors this year!


Hair Colors for Fall

When it comes to hair color, don’t be overwhelmed by the colors you should choose. As a general rule, the color you decide on should be something you will feel comfortable in, first of all. Second of all, the appropriate color scheme for fall would require you to trade in your summer hair for something a bit darker and warmer. Any shade of brown or red will do – or if you have highlights, eliminating them is another option, and going for a solid color would be a great alternative to completely changing the color up.


Clothing Colors for Fall


Shades that are neutral and earthy are always a great pick for fall. Any of the following colors are appropriate:

  • Off White/ Cream
  • Tan
  • Brown
  • Orange
  • Rusty/Orange
  • Red
  • Burgundy
  • Dandelion Yellow or any dark yellow


Other earthy tones are fine as well. If you want more fall fashion ideas, there are a plethora of them around the internet for gaining ideas and mentally putting together outfits.


Makeup Colors for Fall


This fall, the colors for fall makeup are stunning metallic hues and earthy tones. Metallics in any color scheme would look great, but the best colors you could choose from this year would be metallic bronze, metallic gold, and metallic silver.


Many fashion and makeup websites are offering a look into what’s ‘in’ this season, and checking with reputable websites as a resource can help you gain proper application information.  There are so many different ways to apply makeup that would look great for fall.




Many of the fall colors can be versatile well into the rest of the year. There are lots of ways to repurpose clothes and give them a new look simply by adding accessories. The makeup you wear this fall can also be used for nights out at clubs and bars, and would never go out of style.


Fall is a time for change, and ensuring you make the most of the great style options you have to look your very best is easy. With a little planning, you can get everything you need for fall without breaking the bank, but still look like you spent thousands.


Confidence is number one, no matter what style or color you wear. If you wear your confidence on your sleeve, you can pull off any look you want to – guaranteed!


Have fun with the fashions and styles that this fall brings, and help and inspire others to do the same in the process.


What are some of your favorite fall colors? Let us know in a comment below!

OROGOLD on Oktoberfest and Fun Fall Drinks – ORO GOLD Reviews

Oktoberfest imageWhen we think of fall, we typically tend to think of the leaves changing, the air getting cooler, readying ourselves fashion wise by breaking out the sweaters, hats and gloves, and cozying up with the one we love in front of the fire place. We rarely think of the fall months bringing with it fun fall drinks and events, but this article just might change your mind.

During the fall months when while everyone is thinking about Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas on its way, it goes without saying that sometimes, a celebratory drink is in order. You could mix up a few of your favorites in your own home, head out on the town for the night with your best friends or significant other, or simply grab a six pack from the store. If you really want to drink and have a good time, why not head on over to your local Oktoberfest celebration?

Oktoberfest originated in Bavaria, and has been an ongoing celebration ever since its inception. At these events, there are many authentic Bavarian foods served, and millions of gallons of beer are consumed at these events every year. If you’ve never experienced Oktoberfest, you should give it a try – it’s a great time, with authentic food, music, and attire.

Another option for a fun fall drink would be eggnog. Not the straight-up-from-the-carton kind, but adult eggnog. Simply mix a cup or so of eggnog with your favorite alcohol and voila – you’ve got yourself a fantastic and festive drink to accommodate the season of fall. Sprinkle a little cinnamon over the top and its perfection!

There’s always the age old and delicious classic, hot chocolate, a.k.a. cocoa. It’s a fantastic drink both the adults and children can enjoy, and there are so many ways you can variate a simple cup of hot chocolate and make it all your own. Add cinnamon, whipped cream, half and half, white chocolate syrup, or whatever else you can think of to give it a personal taste. Make sure to heavy on the whipped cream!

Pumpkin spice coffee is a fantastic way to get your morning caffeine rush in the fall months. It will brighten your day and make you smile. Also, your room or house will smell fantastical once you brew a pot up! Starbucks also has a fantastic Pumpkin spice coffee. Highly recommended!

Apple cider is another fantastic fall favorite. Enjoy it hot or iced, with a cinnamon stick. There are also many teas crafted for the coolest months, such as pumpkin spice or peppermint. Either hot or iced, you can’t go wrong with a festive cup of tea!

There are many more fun fall drink recipes you can find on the internet. Just get in the kitchen and get creative. You never know what your new favorite thing is until you try it!

OROGOLD Fashions for Fall – ORO GOLD Reviews

Young woman sitting in a pile of leaves wearing fall fashionsWith fall just around the corner, it’s time to begin thinking about the fashions for fall. This fall promises lots of warm sweaters, colorful selections, cute boots and shoes, and makeup tricks that promote the cool weather look as summer comes to an end.

Depending upon where you live, it may already be sweater and jeans weather. Maybe, it’s still warm as the summer months drag late into the fall months like in Florida, California, and New Mexico. Just because it’s not yet cool out, doesn’t mean you can’t ready your closet for when the cool weather does hit!

Sweaters, Jeans & Leggings – oh my!

Fall is all about sweater weather, hoodies, leggings, and jeans. Finding cute sweaters at almost every department store or boutique is becoming relatively easy as the fall lineup has already been released. From chenille to cashmere, soft, neutral colors are the way to go this fall. Long sweaters, and crop sweaters alike, the styles this fall abound in a fun array of colors.

More traditional fall colors such as tan, cream, white, off white, rust colors, and browns are perfect for fall – and they are already making a splash at a store near you.

Jeans are always in style, no matter the season. They pair up perfectly with a fall sweater and some boots. With so many styles to fit your personal preferences, there is literally something for everyone.

Leggings are also a perfect match for any sweater you might choose to wear. They look great with a long sweater of any color, and are perfect for comfort and the cute factor.


From short, cropped ankle boots to tall, sleek knee high styles; boots are all the rage this fall. Browns and blacks are great colors to opt for, as you can usually pair those colors with practically everything – upping your utilization and getting your money’s worth.

You can wear them with everything from jeans, to dresses, to skirts, and more. You don’t have to just reserve them for the fall months, though; they are perfect year round!

Gloves, Scarves, and Hats

Whether you’re the fingerless glove type of girl, which are so in right now, or you like full blown gloves or even mittens, nothing says, “I’m ready for fall!” like a cute pair of gloves paired with a decorative or crocheted scarf and hat. They look awesome while providing the extra warmth you need on a cold fall day. From decorative styles to full on crocheted styles, wear what you love and know you look fashionably awesome while being practical and smart! Many fall scarves, hats, and gloves are able to be used the next year, as they don’t tend to go out of style. So, splurge a little and stock up on your favorite fall fashions in the accessory department – chances are, you will use them again next year!

Choosing styles that suit you and your personality are so important. Keep in mind, fashion only works for you if you rock it – and you can’t rock something you hate. Wear what you love, have fun, and stay warm in the cool fall months.