OROGOLD’s Guide to Golden Holiday Decor – ORO GOLD Reviews

Choosing golden décor for your home during the holiday season is so much fun, and ORO GOLD has some great tips to help you know what to look for when decorating your home this holiday season.


Gold Christmas Trees

Golden colored Christmas trees are a wonderful way to spice up any space in your home and add a comfortable, soft glow to any room. It looks classy and festive, as well as luxurious. Adorn your tree with red bows and white lights for the overall color pop that will keep you wanting to spend as much time around the tree as possible.


Golden Wreaths

If you are lucky enough to find a golden wreath this holiday season, buy it! They are difficult to find, but if you’re crafty you can make one of your very own. Simply spray paint a faux wreath with gold spray paint, adorn it with bows and festive artifacts like cinnamon scented pinecones or ‘snow’ covered pinecones, and hang. This idea is beautiful for a front door or entry way into your home, and eye catching.


Golden Mirrors

Mirrors accommodate any season, and if you would like to add something extra special, opt for a mirror with a golden frame, preferably one with an antique look to it. Hang it on the wall by your Christmas tree to show the reflection of the tree and lights, and you’ve got an added pop of color in your room which will make your guests do a double take!


Golden Ornaments

Many designers offer golden ornaments during the Christmas season, and you can never have enough of them. If you are into making crafts, this is an excellent one to do yourself. Simply take some clear glass ornaments, add some acrylic paint inside the bulb, swirl around inside of the ornament and throw in some contrasting glitter such as silver or red. If you want to go all gold, you can do that as well. You can then decorate the outside however you wish! Allow drying time of 24 hours before you hook and hang the ornaments.


Golden Tableware and Plates

If you have guests coming for dinner Christmas Eve or Christmas day, prepare a lovely meal and adorn the table with gold. A golden tablecloth, golden plates and silverware, and gold rimmed drinking glasses make a perfect conversation piece that will leave everyone breathless. Add a sparkle with white candles in hurricane vases for a special touch.


Golden Snowflakes and Stars

This is a fun project to make with your kids or grandkids. If you can find golden stars and snowflakes and would rather purchase them pre-made, that’s fine too. Otherwise, spray paint them with gold spray paint (outdoors of course, to avoid inhalation of fumes) and add some white or gold glitter. Allow them to dry, and tie some clear thread or string around the top of each one. Hang them from the ceiling throughout the room in which you have your Christmas tree at different lengths. You could also use red ribbon to hang them instead.

OROGOLD’s Golden Holiday Looks – ORO GOLD Reviews

This season is all about metallic colors. That said, gold is definitely fitting for the season. This post is going to focus on something we as women all love – gold! OROGOLD has got a treat for you ladies today! Imagine showing up to a Christmas party decked out in gold. You would surely catch the attention of everyone in the room. Gold is beautiful and eye catching, and just a little can go a long way. We have some tips as to how you can incorporate gold into your Holiday look to get the glow you desire. Cleopatra herself would probably be proud!


Gold Nail Polish

Golden nail polish varieties have been flying off the shelves this season. This is the time of year when gold really tends to have the biggest impact, and it looks fabulous no matter how you wear it on your nails. From glitter polishes, to matte polishes, to pure, creamy looks, gold is a fabulous choice for your Holiday nail color. There are so many ways to wear it – from painting the full nail, painting the tips, doing half one color and half another color, such as red, and ombre nails. The possibilities are endless and are only as limited as your own imagination!


Gold Eye Shimmers

We absolutely adore the eye shimmer look. What better way to showcase your gold look than by making an impact through your eyes, the most powerful feature on the human face? Applying a bright, golden hue to your eyelids or brow bone would give you a glowing look, suitable to wear out to a party, or even just at home.


Gold Colored Clothes

Golden colored clothes are a great way to show your love for golden colors. This season, you can find golden pants, golden shirts, and golden accents on clothes in nearly every major every designer’s store and every department store. Many designers are kicking up the gold by using it on sequins, vibrant accents and intricate patterns. There is so much to choose from, and so little time! Gold looks beautiful when paired with black, red, emerald green, or blue hues this season.


Gold Jewelry

A girl can never own enough gold jewelry. This is the season to put some on, and show the world how astonishing you are. Pair a couple of gold bangles or a lot of them together to give yourself a huge accessory boost. Wear some gold hoop earrings or dangly gold earrings and rock some gold eye shimmer along with it. The possibilities, again, are endless!


No matter what gold holiday look you go for this season, you will look fabulous and trendy. Mix and match the above ideas, or simply create and come up with your very own. Use your own design ideas and accent any outfit you desire with gold. If you want to be goldtastic, and get the look of Cleopatra and the stars, choose some of these options before you head out to your next party.

OROGOLD on Planning the Perfect Proposal – ORO GOLD Reviews

Popping the Question: Creating the Story of a Lifetime

Slipping on the engagement ringWhen it comes to weddings, brides spend months planning, shopping, agonizing over details, and waiting with anticipation for that one special day. The same can be said for the groom about planning the proposal. While some guys prefer spur of the moment proposals, popping the question usually takes weeks, if not months of planning, picking out the ring, and finding the perfect setting to make her say “Yes!”. If you’re thinking about asking the most important question of your life, there are several factors to consider: personality, timing, setting, aftermath, and of course, The Ring.

Before you even start planning a proposal, the most important thing is that you know your bride. If she hates surprises, don’t plan an elaborate and public display. On the other hand, if she is outgoing and loves attention, go for it! If you’re not so sure, try getting answers by subtly mentioning you’d like to plan a surprise birthday party for a friend, and ask if she thinks that would be a good idea. Chances are, her reaction will tell you if she would enjoy something like this for herself. Of course, you could always ask her parents, as well. It is tradition, after all, to ask the bride’s father and/or parents for their blessing before you propose. This signifies the seriousness of your intentions and is always a classy move. Even if you don’t know her parents well, this will help break the ice and allow them to see you in a positive light.

For timing, it’s all in the details. If you know your bride has a high-pressure meeting at work, unwelcome social obligations, or is generally stressed-out, hold off on the proposal. While getting engaged is a happy event, popping the question during a difficult time can cause your bride to feel thrown, and not be able to properly think it through. Once you have The Ring, look at an entire calendar month, preferably one with few obligations and current plans. Then try to narrow your timing down to one week, or one of two weekends. This allows for flexibility if something comes up that could jeopardize your timing.  Putting all of your hopes and plans into one specific day, dinner, or event could lead to running the surprise and cause disappointment for you both.

Young man making a proposal of marriageThe setting for your proposal should always have some meaning to you as a couple. Whether you choose to propose in your own home, the restaurant where you had your first date, or a romantic landmark, it should hold significance to both of you. Choosing the setting will also be easier to figure out once you know your bride’s personality and decide on your timing. Once you establish your bride’s preference over public or private proposals, your options are easy to narrow down. Your home, a quiet spot on the beach, or in a park, are great places for private proposals. These spots create an intimate setting for couples who want to relish this special moment uninterrupted. Restaurants, family gatherings, and amusement parks are popular spots for public proposals where all of the attention can be on the bride. The round of applause from onlookers at her acceptance of the proposal is a great way to create a special moment for your outgoing bride.

No matter when, where, or how you propose, there should always be a plan for what to do after she says “Yes”. A new trend is the “Engagement Moon”, or whisking your new fiancé away for a short vacation to celebrate being betrothed. Think a two hour drive or one hour flight at most, for a long weekend or something that can be planned without ruining the surprise by asking her to change her work schedule. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive (you just bought a diamond ring, after all), but can be a wonderful surprise, especially if you plan a private or more simple proposal. If a weekend getaway is not in the cards, try preparing a nice dinner at home, making a reservation, or taking her to see family and friends that are waiting to gush over the good news. Having family and friends waiting in the wings to surprise your bride is another special touch for a gal that loves being the center of attention.

Last, but not least, possibly the most important element of the proposal: The Ring. The first thing you need to know when shopping for an engagement ring, is if you even need to shop at all! Find out from family if there is an heirloom ring that she is hoping to receive for her own engagement. Offering a family ring holds incredible significance and saves a lot of money that could be used for an Engagement Moon or the wedding costs. You may also have an heirloom ring in your family, too, so check before you buy. Whether you and your bride to be have discussed the thought of marriage or not, you should be able to get a good idea of which style of ring would best suit her. Take a look at the jewelry she wears regularly- is it bold, simple, or edgy? Does she wear more silver, or gold? For an easy-going girl, a classic, round cut solitaire in white gold may be the perfect way to go. If your bride is a glamorous fashionista, you may need to do a bit more research. Walk past a jewelry store and see if she points anything out. If she has a Pintrest account, snoop through her boards to see if she has pinned any engagement rings. You can always consult with professionals and other friends that have been married, too.

The most important thing to remember when planning a proposal is that no matter how much time you have, the amount of money you can spend, or where it happens, is that it all comes from the heart. Get down on one knee, and tell her why you want to spend the rest of your life with her. That alone will create a beautiful story that you will both enjoy telling for the rest of your lives. Have a camera ready to snap a picture of the ring on her finger, and relax! Now that you’re engaged, the hard part is over, and the wedding planning is up to your bride!

OROGOLD Reviews Best iPhone Apps to Get You in the Holiday Spirit – ORO GOLD Reviews

Using iPhone to look for festive holiday appsWith Christmas just around the corner, it is time to search for cool apps that can get you into that holiday spirit. Although it is tough to choose the perfect app with the countless options available on the App Store, OROGOLD reviews the top iPhone apps that are bound to get you in the holiday spirit. 

PopOut! The Night Before Christmas

Bring back memories of your favorite Christmas book with this award-winning pop-up book. The PopOut! The Night Before Christmas offers you an interactive experience of enjoying a classic holiday tale and it uses traditional paper mechanics like spin wheels and pull-tabs as well. Pop-up books might have long given way to modern day Smartphones, but this app can help you relive those golden days.

Ideas for Elves

The app might not go down well with parents and babysitters, but Ideas for Elves is certainly going to be an instant hit among all kids. And parents can also use this app to ensure that this creepy Christmas tradition doesn’t get lost in time. The Ideas for Elves app offers you with a list of ideas along with the materials required and instructions needed.

Sing! Karaoke by Smule

Sing! Karaoke by Smule is a popular karaoke app that is an ideal way to shout out the hottest hits. The app has something for all sorts of people – right from the season’s greatest hits to Elvis Presley and Mariah Carey classics.

Fireplace HD+

Nothing beats a cup of hot chocolate and a real fireplace, but the iPhone Fireplace HD+ comes a close second. If you’re longing to enjoy the warmth of a fireplace this Christmas, but don’t have the means to do so, this app could prove to be the best option for you. Ultimately, it is the thought that counts. Not only is the fireplace easy on your eyes, it is also known to be an ideal option to create a great ambiance. 

NORAD Tracks Santa

There was a time when you used to stay on the lookout for Santa and try to spot his journey round the globe. Yes, you might have grown out of your childhood, but the NORAD Tracks Santa app can help you revisit your childhood and bring back memories of Saint Nicholas through your Smartphones. The NORAD Tracks Santa displays a countdown before Christmas Eve and showcases historic information about how NORAD tracked airborne sleighs for years. 

Christmas Stories: Hans Christian Andersen’s Tin Solder HD

With the age of Smartphones upon us, all those old fashioned amusements like jigsaw puzzles and holiday calendars have been redeveloped into electronic versions. However, this cool game from Big Fish Studios offers you with a graphic-rich and colorful experience that has been inspired by Christian Andersen’s tale. This game literally transforms the hidden object picture into a brand new exciting adventure. Although the game is free to play, you might have to deal with a few in-app purchases for the best playing experience. 

Gift It

The Gift It app is an ideal way of ensuring that the stockings get stuffed in time and that everyone gets the present that he/ she wants. It offers a pass-code list where gifts can be listed by their intended recipients and the budgets can also be adhered to. After all, isn’t Christmas all about gifting presents to your loved ones? Your kids would certainly like to think so!

OROGOLD on Engagement Trends: Surprise Photography – ORO GOLD Reviews

Young couple getting engaged is photographed by a photographerThe latest thing in marriage proposals is surprise photography to capture the moment. Having a photographer or videographer on hand is a thoughtful and increasingly popular method of adding to the element of surprise. Though you could employ a close friend of family member to film the occasion, professional photographers generally charge a reasonable fee for this short session. Hiring a professional is the best way to make sure your photos or video are top-notch and easy to share with friends and family. There’s nothing quite like capturing the look on her face when presented with a diamond ring!

There are several factors to consider when trying to plan a surprise photography proposal. First you have to make sure this is something both you and your fiancé-to-be are comfortable with. Some people just don’t love being in front of the camera! It’s also important that you have a Plan B in place because let’s face it, if you really want to pull off a great surprise, things don’t always go as planned unless you spill the beans. You should also decide exactly how much of this intimate moment you would like documented. There may be a second here or there that should be reserved for just the two of you. The biggest factor in planning a surprise photography proposal is coordinating with the photographer- have your signals, and make sure the timing is set.

Before you hire a photographer or videographer, take some time to really think about your partner, and how she would react to being in front of the camera with no warning. Even if she’s outgoing and adventurous, it can still be a shock when a lady has no time to prepare. A great way to keep the element of surprise and let her be prepared is to offer another excuse for the photo shoot. If it’s nearing the holiday season, say you’d like to have some nice photos taken for holiday cards. This reason shouldn’t raise much suspicion, and allows your fiancé-to-be the time to do her hair, makeup, and pick an outfit accordingly. If you can’t figure out a legitimate excuse to include your girlfriend in a photo shoot, locations like the beach or a park offer enough space for a photographer to hide-out unnoticed and even shoot from afar.

When you’re trying to plan an elaborate surprise, things usually do not go as planned. Be prepared to employ your back-up plan, whether it be location, timing, or people involved. Make sure you know exactly where you’re going to stash the engagement ring so she doesn’t find it, and how you’re going to get it from that spot. Go over your back-up plans with your photographer or videographer before the fact, so that if something goes awry, you’re both on the same page. This will help you keep your cool and not ruin the surprise. If you don’t plan to let her in on the shoot, sneak a small bag with a mirror, extra outfit, hair brush, and any other essentials into your car a day before. This will give her a chance to touch-up hair or make-up for the rest of the shoot after you propose.

Another detail you’ll have to figure out in conjunction with your photographer or videographer is how much you would like documented on film. If you plan to say something that you would like kept private, just let your photographer know, and work it into your overall timing. Whether you’d like a second before or after you actually pop the question, make sure your photographer knows when to stop shooting and give you the time alone.

Now comes the hard part- working out all of the timing and cues with your photographer! This is especially vital if you plan to keep the entire photo or video shoot a secret from your partner. The surprise can easily be ruined if your photographer steps out of the shadows too soon, or too late. Verbal and body language cues are the best ways to signal to each other without being too conspicuous.  You don’t want to go through all of the planning only to miss the moment where you get down on one knee. This careful planning requires in-person meetings with your professional beforehand to make sure you’re both clear on the cues and timing.

Once you have all of your plans in place, the location, hired professional, back-up options, and timing, you’re almost ready! Make sure you have the engagement ring, and making notes for yourself never hurts. While executing a surprise engagement photo session can take a lot of time and planning, capturing her reaction on film will be something to treasure for a lifetime.

Dresses No Longer the Party Go-To?

Illustration depicting a woman studying a dress on a hanger, deciding whether it is appropriate to wear to a party


Gone are the days when dresses were the number one go-to outfit for a night out on the town, or even for a date night. Going out for a night requires the need for flexibility, and to be quite honest – the mini dresses of days past didn’t quite provide that freedom without us making fools of ourselves or experiencing wardrobe malfunctions. That is why dresses have now become the number three going-out outfit on the list. Topping the list is the tried and true skinny jean, with jumpsuits now falling in second.

Orogold understands your need for looking your best, and showing up at a party in style. Avoiding wearing a dress isn’t necessary, as dresses are always cute – but if you want to fit in, skinny jeans or a cute romper or jumper is a much better choice.

According to information gathered online, there have been studies which were done on 2,156 women in the United Kingdom, their buying habits were surveyed and tracked. The findings were that 57% of women between the ages of 18-36 choose skinny jeans as their go to for a night out. Most women also love to wear reds and blues currently, as well. This is something to learn from in terms of updating your style – as the style is ever changing, so will the popular opinion.

Little Black Dresses, otherwise known as LBD’s, will always be in style for sure. However, more and more women are broadening their horizons and providing themselves with more color and inspiration. Every woman should own at least one romper, one jumper, and a few pairs of skinny jeans. These items are the best things going, as they say, and when you add accessories and dress these items up, you can make it look like an entirely new outfit every time – if you do it right.

So, what to do with all of those old dresses you are no longer going to wear out? Why not sell them online for some extra cash, or donate them to a thrift store. There are some women in the world who follow their own fashion – Sagittarian women, for example – without following current trends, and they would most likely love them. It’s better to give things away rather than have them take up precious real estate in your closet. Now is the time for cuter, newer items to replace the old. For some, it might be difficult to part with certain items. Hang on to until you’re ready, and then – just let go.

We all have our favorite go-to party outfits. What is your current favorite? What styles are you loving right now for going out? We’d love to hear about it. Let us know in a comment below, and we will do our best to reply to you if you have any questions.

Anyone can be a fashionista – develop your talent by staying in the know. Be sure to follow our blog for lots of weekly updates and tips you can put into practice at home!

Gifts for Significant Others

Holiday time is here, and it’s time to get cracking on gift ideas for your significant other. Though it should be easy, in reality it’s a lot more difficult to buy for your spouse than one might imagine due to the fact that you really want to impress them. OROGOLD would love to help you out by providing you with a few ideas in which you can utilize based on your spouse’s personality type.

We hope this guide helps, and provides some great ideas that you can use when it comes time to doing your shopping for them.

Beautiful wife opening her holiday gift


Gifts for Wives



Jewelry is the number one item you can buy a girl for Christmas, and you can never go wrong. Adored by women far and wide, jewels show your respect, love, and dedication. They symbolize different things for different people, but ultimately they say, ‘I love you, and this is forever’. Be sure to choose high quality stones and materials such as gold, white gold, or platinum to really melt her heart. Take her favorite color into account, and accommodate her with a piece of jewelry that has her personality written all over it. If she’s shy, opt for something subtle, like a gold necklace with a small charm. If she’s outgoing, get something that speaks volumes that’s full of color and vibrancy.


A Trip to the Spa

If you want to provide her with the ultimate in luxury, why not indulge her with a trip to a luxurious spa? It doesn’t even have to be local! How exciting it would be for your special lady to find out she is going to be traveling to an exciting spa destination, where she will receive a day or more of pampering that is 100% all about her. From facials, to massages, to makeup, and pedicures, manicures, hot stone treatments, and far beyond, spa’s offer the ultimate in relaxation and are the best way to unwind. Do some research for something you think fits her needs. If she would benefit from something remote and quiet, try searching for something in a remote location where she can truly get away from it all. If she needs something with a more interactive approach, with classes of some sort, there are options available for that, too. Take her personality into account, and treat her to the spa experience of a lifetime.


Clothes, Shoes, and Purses- Oh My!

If you want your wife to love you forever (of course, she will anyway) then be sure to gift her some designer clothes, a designer purse, and some designer shoes. There is no better gift you can give than the gift of fashion! She will adore this, and best of all, you won’t have to hear the incessant, “I have nothing to wear!” argument every day if you buy her some new clothes. Use your best judgment when it comes to what styles to buy. Look through her closet and see who her favorite designers are. You can also take into account the style of clothes she likes to wear, and her favorite colors. Work around that, and you certainly can’t go wrong.


Husband with a huge stack of gift boxes


Gifts for Husbands



Guys love tools. Nearly every man in America has some sort of obsession with collecting them, and having them to show off as trophies. Not only that – but then you won’t have to hear him complain that he doesn’t have the right tools needed to get jobs done around the house. Sweet! A good idea is to take a picture on your smartphone of what he already has, bring that with you when you go to make the purchase, and show what he has to the sales representative. They will be able to recommend tools in which he doesn’t have and help you to build his proud collection. Now, if you could only get him to build you that book shelf he has been talking about for three years…


Sports Tickets

If your husband is a sports fan, chances are he would love the opportunity to make it out to see his favorite team live and in person. It’s football season – so make the most of that and buy him a couple tickets for him and a friend, or even for you and he to attend. He’d most likely be at your beck and call and doing some serious butt-kissing for quite a while to come. What could possibly be a better gift? He’d brag you up to all of his friends, and believe us – they’d be jealous!


Musical Equipment

Nearly every guy has the itch in his bones to try to play an instrument. Most men are partial to the guitar. Why not get him a cool new guitar to either learn or perfect his craft on? There are many different types of guitars to choose from. From acoustic and electric to many different brands, colors, and options. Be sure to grab him an amp and cable if you choose to give an electric, because he will need that to power his guitar. If he’s a first time guitar player, try to stay away from Floyd Rose pickups because those tend to become a pain in the butt, and can throw the entire guitar out of whack in a hot minute. Fixing the tuning could be exceptionally stressful and time consuming. If he’s not really a guitar kind of guy, dry a drum set. Every guy loves to rock out, and the drums are a great way to release built up tension and stress he might be carrying around at the end of the day.


Nobody knows your spouse better than you do. Be sure to get them something that fits their personality. By getting things that you know they love and are into, you will be sure to give a gift they’re sure to love. This time of year only comes once, so be absolutely sure to make it count. Show them how special they are, and how much you love them, with a gift from the heart.

Gifts for Parents

This holiday season, OROGOLD has got a treat in store for you! The OROGOLD guide on gifts for parents is here, and we scoured the internet looking for the best of the best to help you decide what to get dear mom and dad this year. Gift shopping can be difficult; we took all of the guesswork out of it for you, and are here to present you with this year’s top gifts for parents in 2014. Your parents have sacrificed their lives and dedicated them taking care of you; now, it’s your turn to do something kind in return. Show them your appreciation and love this Holiday season by treating them to something really special. Spoil them with one – or many – of our fabulous holiday gift ideas.



Michters 20 Year Kentucky Straight Bourbon – $576 – Great for Dad

Food drink

This incredible bourbon has been aged for 20 years for the finest quality bourbon imaginable. They consider this point the ‘Fork in the Road’ point for their bourbon. This is where the Michter Family believes the best quality bourbon possible is achieved, and this is how their phenomenal 114% bourbon is made. Perfect for an evening drink with friends, this bourbon shines. If your dad appreciates the finer things in life, or just deserves to be spoiled – get him a bottle of this great Kentucky bourbon today. Available from Michters.com


Patek Philippe Reference Watch – $42,400 –For Dad


This outstanding timepiece will shine on your daddy’s wrist. A true classic, the Patek Philippe Reference Watch is of superb quality without lacking in style. This watch provides a time and date reference, as well as moon phase, in luxurious 18K yellow gold. With its cream dial and sapphire crystal case back, you’ll be sure to dazzle him. Show your dad your appreciation for all of the life lessons he’s instilled in you, and all of the time spent after work giving help with homework. He’s sure to appreciate this priceless gift more than you know. He’ll have all his friends talking, and you’ll get to see the look in his eyes as he unwraps and opens his incredible new favorite gift. Available from Patek.com


Oscar de la Renta Navy Resin & Crystal Necklace – $995 – For Mom

Navy Diamond Necklace | Women's Designer Jewelry | Oscar de la Renta - Oscar de la Renta

Made of pewter, resin, and brass, as well as genuine deep blue Swarovski crystals, this necklace is as fabulous as it is practical. This necklace can be worn on any occasion, and your mother would be absolutely thrilled to receive such a beautiful gift. Made in the USA and designed by the late-great Oscar de la Renta. Your mother can own a piece of legendary designer history with this piece. Available from Oscardelarenta.com




Dyson AM06 Desk Fan – $350 – For Mom

Mother's Day Gifts That She Would Never Buy For Herself

Perfect for menopausal mama’s, this fabulous Dyson Desk Fan is of superb and supreme quality. This luxe fan look as beautiful as it feels, and is virtually silent. With 75% quieter technology, coupled with its ability to use 30% less power, this fan is a wonderful option for any mother that desires to conserve, and still have comfort. Perfect for using the computer, reading a book, or just browsing the internet. Comes with a remote control and oscillation control. Available from Dyson.com


Florida Vacation – $4,500-6,000 –For Both


There’s no place on earth a retired or elderly couple would rather be than Florida. Florida is home to some of the most fantastic beach front properties located in the United States. With its lush landscaping, mixture of culture, fantastic restaurants and food, and fabulous shopping and golf courses, Florida is the perfect escape. With its warm temperatures, gentle breezes, palm trees, and friendly environment, it’s sure to be their favorite vacation destination. With expenses such as hotel and travel as well as food and leisure factored in, this trip is estimated to be around $4,500 – 6,000 for a time they’ll treasure for the rest of their days.


Keurig Coffee Maker $200 – Great for Both

OfficePRO® Brewing System with K-Cups® | Work | Brewers | US B2C...

The innovation of the Keurig single cup brewing system has opened many doors for various companies to create their own crafty one cup brewer. None compares to the original quality and the integrity of a Keurig single cup coffee brewer. With its ability to quickly and effortlessly brew one of the finest cups of coffee in the world in under one minute, the Keurig Single Cup coffee maker has become a favorite – especially among the elderly who have a hard time completing day to day tasks. For those who enjoy a truly fine cup of coffee, look no further than Keurig. Be sure to pick them up some K-Cups as well! This fine product is available from Keurig.com


iRobot Vaccum Cleaner, $350 and up depending on model – Great for both

Roomba 620 Vacuuming Robot

The iRobot vaccum cleaner, one of the finest in home robotic vaccum cleaners, is a great choice for your parents so they have less work to do every day, and so they can focus on the things of importance – like napping, and spending time with friends! The iRobot is also known as the Roomba, and works well on any floor surface, seeking out dust, dirt, and particles. Just click a button, and away it goes. Available from Amazon.com


Home Makeover –Prices vary

Your parents worked hard all their life. Now, in their elder years, their home may be in dire need of repair and there are probably areas in which they want to change some things. Why not give them a home makeover? Whether one room, or the entire house – it’s the perfect gift to show your appreciation and love for them, and to simply say, ‘Thank you’. It would be exciting and fun for the both of them to watch their home transformed from mediocre to something they only thought possible in a magazine. Spoil your parents today, and treat them to the luxury of having a home they can be proud of. Contact your local hardware store or home renovation team in your area to inquire about plans, pricing, and details.

OROGOLD Reports on Eyelash Extensions – ORO GOLD Reviews

Woman applying eyelash extensions

Women across the world have often longed for fuller, more beautiful lashes without the mess of mascara. Many mascara brands tend to look clumpy and artificial, and is a look that isn’t desired by women who are seeking natural looking beauty. For some, opting for wearing false lashes, which are applied and taken off daily or every other day, is a great alternative. Then, there are times where even that can become a hassle. Fidgeting with sticky glues and uncooperative lash bands can be a nightmare, especially when time is working against you. You could be left with a mess if you aren’t skilled in the application of artificial lashes.

There is another option for women hoping to attain a more full, lush lash line. Eyelash extensions are the new false lashes, and many women are now seeking specialized salons in which they can receive this application for a more natural, hassle free, beautiful look without the fuss.


What are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent applications of material to the natural lashes which increase the lash width and length at the same time, and provide the appearance of a set of natural, thicker, longer lashes.

The materials used are usually comprised of silk, synthetic hair, or mink. Pricing can vary depending on the quality of the salon you seek, however pricing typically begins around $100 and can go up to the $800 range.

The fibers or hairs are applied using a special FDA approved bonding glue stronger than that which you would use with false lashes, which doesn’t touch the skin or impact the eyes in any way. The lashes are actually bonded to the natural lashes, and general only fall out as the natural lashes fall out. Re-application is suggested every 30 days, and typically does not require a new full set.

It generally takes about 1-3 hours to apply a full set of new lash extensions.


How do you Maintain Lash Extensions?

Lash extensions are typically waterproof. You are generally advised not to wear any mascara when you have lash extensions, so this makes cleanup fairly easy.

The use of a mild facial cleanser and water, and makeup remover pads are all that is needed to maintain lash extensions.


Are they Safe?

There have been studies done which have shown lash extensions may cause allergic reactions in some, and even natural lash loss in others. These findings have been documented as rare, however. As with anything, the risk of allergic reaction when it comes to cosmetic products or application is possible for anyone, especially those with sensitive skin.

Trying out a new cosmetic experience can be fun and exciting. Be sure to do your research on any new cosmetic application to see if the process is right for you.

If you are sick of fighting with clumpy mascaras and false lashes, perhaps giving lash extensions a try would ultimately result in a happier, better experience for you.