Time to bring out color and other decor elements for Spring.

Finally the snow has thawed and its time to start thinking about bringing out your bright colors and showing off for some spring entertaining. Whether you like hosting dinner parties, tea time or just want a fun day with the girls, we have the best tips, whether you’re looking for cooking ideas or wondering how to decorate.

 Here are our top ten suggestions for spring entertaining:

 -Flowers are blooming again, so it’s a great time to take advantage of them in your entertaining. Fill up vases full of fresh daffodils, use china decorated with flowers or, if you are feeling risky in the kitchen, brighten up a salad by using a salad mix with flower petals. Don’t use too many, though, or your guests might not have a reaction of awe but instead with sneezes due to allergies.

-As spring brings back the sunshine, don’t be afraid to bring back a little more color into your table. Bright pinks and light yellows can add a pop to your table. If you like pastels, pick one to pair with your neutrals to make your table pop such as a sky blue or a mint green. Restrain yourself from using all the colors of the rainbow though, or else you might risk your table looking like an Easter basket exploded.

-Take advantage of seasonal vegetables and fruits. Spring welcomes bright green leaves as well as artichokes, asparagus, broccoli and peas. Check out your local farmer’s market to see what they’re offering in terms of fresh spring vegetables and plan your dishes around them.Fresh flavors and the grill are perfect for the summer

-Eggs are a staple for spring holidays, but they don’t have to be multicolored to find a way into your entertaining. Using recipes with eggs can add additional protein as well as some bright color, such as doing sunny-side up eggs with oven-roasted asparagus, a traditional Tuscan dish. If you choose to do a deviled egg make sure that the filling is more creative than the traditional mashed yolk or else you may risk boring your guests.

-When it comes to cocktails, fruity flavors are always best for springtime. Steer clear of winter’s darker liquors and opt for lighter flavors to pair with lemonade or orange juice. If you’re more of a wine person, stay away from dark full-bodied wines like Syrah and Shiraz and opt for a sangria, where you can pair your favorite fruits and juices (and sometimes even sherbet) with a light red or even white wine.

-As the weather begins to warm up, don’t be afraid to bring out dishes that are served at cooler temperatures. Pasta salads topped with light vinaigrette, chilled lemon bars and even fish ceviche are perfect dishes to bring out with the change of weather. They have lighter flavors that allow them to shine in the springtime.

-When you’re opting to do a tea time in honor of the spring, spice up the traditional English-style tea with bright fruit flavored teas or heavenly rooibos, or a red tea. Instead of going for the traditional sandwiches, feel free to use some more inventive ingredients in your crust less confections, such as red peppers or goat cheese instead of basic cucumbers and cream cheese.Fun canapes with unique ingredients

-Don’t get too carried away with decorations. Tea lights, flowers, streamers, balloons and table runners can all be beautiful on an individual basis. However, if you pair all these things together in your table setup it may look like you’re opening up a party store rather than hosting a party. When it comes to décor, less is always more.

-If it’s warm enough to grill, heat it up, but leave the steaks in the freezer. Fish like cod and tilapia are great options for the grill. They have a lighter, fresher flavor, don’t take a lot of time to cook and are very simple to season. Shrimp is also a great springtime option, as they are light and can be given flavor with just some salt and a squeeze of lemon juice. If it’s too cold, not to worry — these fish can also be baked in the oven with just as delicious results.

-When the party is so big that you’re afraid you may lose your head, look for ways to make life easier in either cleanup or setup. Plastic plates and silverware now come in varieties that are elegant while providing easy cleanup for you. Preparing salads ahead of time can allow you to give more thought to décor. These suggestions are particularly good for spring entertaining, as you can take the party outside to a less formal setting than a traditional dining room table.

We hope our tips will make all your spring entertaining a hit. Let us know which tips were your favorite!




Healing Skin after Festival Season

a group awaits music that will be played at an outdoor music festival

The onset of pleasant sunny weather brings a flurry of exciting outdoor activities with music, food, wine-tasting, and other events. We know how nice it is to spend the day hanging out with friends and family in the long awaited sun shine. Unfortunately, some times our good times leave our skin looking and feeling less than stellar. We have created this guide to help you recover from all these fun outdoor events. This guide is especially helpful to those of you who are in the midst of enjoying Coachella out in the spring sunshine.

If you didn’t take time to prepare your skin before your outing your skin may be suffering now. While there is no way to go back in time to avoid issues like sunburned skin, we can offer some tips to help alleviate some of the pain now that you must live with it! If you are experiencing any of these symptoms – sunburn, dryness, dullness, flakiness – read on for advice…

Deal with Burns

Before doing anything check for sunburn. You will want to be super delicate with any area of skin which has experienced sunburn. As a child growing up, my parents used natural remedies on my burns like slathering me with sour cream. Yes, you read that correctly; sour cream. While the lactic acid in sour cream is great for skin there are so many solutions for sunburns these days there is no reason to walk around sticky and funky smelling. An Aloe Vera gel or cream is an excellent option for soothing burned skin. Make sure you choose a more natural type with few ingredients not the bright green stuff. This way you will get the best ingredients for your skin without coloring and parabens added to make the product look pretty.

use aloe vera to soothe sunburn and help skin heal


Once you’ve dealt with sunburns you can move on to the next step for skin that has been exposed to the elements: helping dry skin heal. Our natural instinct is to jump into a pool of moisturizer, which is very understandable, but for moisturization to be effective you need to remove the layer of dead skin cells first. You can choose from options ranging from gentle to more serious; an at home scrub with exfoliating elements to a peel to an in office microdermabrasion treatment.


Drink lots and lots of water! The best way to rehydrate your body is with pure simple water, just drink up. You know that advise you always hear about drinking 8 glasses of water a day? It is pretty accurate. Even if you don’t drink that exact amount it is a great goal to strive for. You should be drinking before you are thirsty, just keep your water bottle full and sip throughout the day.

You should also use moisturizing products on specific areas of concern. Seeing some dry flakes on the tip of your nose? Put some moisturizer on there! Look for ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Olea Europaea Leaf (Olive Leaf) Extract, and Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter) on product labels.


As I’ve mentioned, Aloe Vera is excellent at soothing sun burned skin. It is a super star at moisturizing and healing skin. It fights infection and promotes the skins defense mechanisms.

I know you may not like this advice but you should plan to stay out of sun for a bit. You need to give your skin some time to heal from all it has gone through. Even if you didn’t get a sunburn, soaking up a lot of the sun’s rays causes harm to your skin like promoting the spread of free radicals.

Lighten up

I know you don’t want to leave the house looking like a crab or with visible flakes on your skin. I know because I have been there. But don’t make the same mistakes I have. Do not load up on the makeup. It will not make things better, I guarantee you. If you must put it on use a very light touch and stay far away from anything shiny. Sparkles and shimmer act like a spotlight, drawing attention to any spot they are used on.

Prevention, prevention, preventionthe city of Coachella is home to a popular outdoor music festival

Best way to keep your skin healthy? Protect it in advance. The biggest piece of advice you will hear, over and over again, is to use sunblock. Make sure you choose a multi spectrum product with UVA and UVB protection with an SPF of at least 30. You can also try skin care products with ingredients like Palmitoyl Oligopeptide which offer mild UV protection to further help the skin deal with ultra violet radiation.

Those of you who were partying at Coachella were more than likely drinking also. Alcohol and caffeine are both known to cause dehydration. Try drinking a glass of water in between each alcoholic beverage. This will not only help in avoiding a hangover but will also help keep your skin from getting parched.

Use our guide to help your skin heal after the fun of festival season. Our skin goes through hard times on a daily basis – harsh and dry office air, dirty air in big cities, germs, makeup clogging pores. During spring and summer outdoor events we put our skin through even more. Besides being in the sun a lot, bad habits like alcohol and eating junk combine to really stress out your skin. Dealing with burns, exfoliating, hydrating, soothing, and laying off the makeup will allow your skin to heal. Which of our tips will you be using? We hope they are the preventative ones.

Must Have Spring Accessories

handbags, sunglasses and other accessories hot for spring

Spring means that the sun is back and flowers are back in bloom. It is not just the trees and flowers that need to get ready for spring, we need to prepare our spring style also! The return of warmer weather brings a different style of dress, it is time to throw off the warm layers and bring on the sun protection. As a general style rule spring = the return of light pretty colors and light layers along with accessories to protect you from the warmer weather.

First things I always pull out for spring are big floppy sun hats, thin scarves and big shades. All these items not only make you look fabulous but also help protect delicate skin from the sun. Sun protection is always important but especially so after we have been hiding indoors all winter. Check out the gorgeous Gigi Burris Millinery ‘Tina’ Hat to give you some fabulous spring style. I love the less common color and unique lambskin ribbon. Go for a lightweight scarf in spring, like Love Quote’s Knotted Tassel Scarf. All those tassels will add some cute flare to your outfit. Spring and summers most important accessory is a pair of sweet shades. The Prada ‘Baroque’ 55mm Round Sunglasses are unique and absolutely breathtaking.

Pastels are the perfect spring colors. I am loving mint right now. It just seems like the perfect shade. The 3.1 Phillip Lim Mint Cloque Floating Peplum Top in Mint Green is just gorgeous. The color is amazing and the shape is super flattering. Another great option which is also incredibly wearable and convenient is the Balenciaga Classic City Bag in Rose. Big enough to fit everything you could possibly need including you scarf and sunglasses!

Speaking of spring colors, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention radiant orchid. It is the pantone color of the year for 2014, a beautiful purple shade with pink and fuchsia undertones. Though it is the color of the entire year, I feel like it works perfect for spring. The B Brian Atwood Priscilla Twist Strap Wedge Sandal in Purple is an awesome option. Not only do they come in a dreamy sueded texture but the wedge sandal is a must have for spring! If you want to try out radiant orchid in a small dose you can add it to your makeup arsenal. The LAURA MERCIER Caviar Stick Eye Colour in Orchid, a shimmering lavender color, looks lovely paired with any of your existing makeup colors.

As we know spring is time for flowers to bloom on trees and in field so why not on our fashion and accessories as well? Floral is fabulous for spring. I’ve seen many gorgeous options including this Dolce & Gabbana Floral-brocade Shoulder Bag. You can also go with just a bit of flower power on your feet. I love floral shoes, they offer just enough of a print and pop of color to liven up any outfit. You can’t go wrong with these Givenchy Floral-print Leather Pumps. Or take the flowers with you on spring vacation… slip into a bathing beauty with a floral print. Zimmerman’s Sundance Floral-print Triangle Bikini will make you the center of attention by any pool or ocean.

Which of our spring must haves do you like best? I really can’t decide myself, I love them all!

10 Tips for Wide Awake Eyes

Pulled an over-niter at work or partied too hard over the weekend? Here’s some tips to help you camouflage tired eyes and give your peepers some TLC.

1. Dark under eye circle are dead giveaways that you haven’t gotten your beauty sleep, so be sure to use a skin care product that alleviates dark circles and gives the skin around the delicate eye area a moisturizing boost. Smooth on as part of your daily routine for best results.

2. Concealer is key. Never underestimate the magic of concealer. The right shade of concealer can hide dark circles around the eye area in a jiffy. To apply, dot the area with concealer, then blend well by patting gently. Don’t tug as this motion may cause wrinkles and crow’s feet.

makeup techniques to make eyes look brighter

Apply light colors to inner eyes and darker colors to outer eyes for a wide awake look.

3. Boost the effect of your concealer with a touch of mascara. This will further open up your eyes and make them look brighter and more alert.

4. Soothe strained eyes with eye drops or artificial tear drops. Eye drops lubricate the eyes and will provide them with much-needed moisture to hydrate and rejuvenate them. Eye drops can also get rid of those unflattering red veins that are telltale signs of tired, irritated, and dry eyes.

5. Tired eyes can make you look older than usual, so make sure to follow a strict beauty regiment in caring for your peepers. Use a potent eye cream or serum, such as Orogold’s 24K Anti-Aging Eye Serum or their 24K Intensive Eye Formula Cream, every night before you go to sleep. It should be the last step in your nightly beauty ritual. For best results, dab gently around the eye area using your ring finger, as the ring finger is the one least used among all five fingers, and thus doesn’t have much force that might tug or press down on the delicate skin of the eye area. Remember also that the first signs of aging usually appear around the eye area, as the skin here is the thinnest among all parts of the body.

6. If your eyes are starting to feel tired and dry from staring or working at the computer screen for too long, take a 20-minute break and rest. Close your eyes and place a cold towel over them to ease the discomfort and revitalize your peepers. The same applies to reading for long periods as well.

Cucumber slices for an at home spa treatment for your eyes

Using cucumbers to soothe eyes is no myth!

7. Catch up on your beauty sleep! Make time to get sufficient sleep to restore and re-energize tired eyes. The recommended number of hours by sleep and health experts is six to eight hours.

8. Think that cucumber slices soothing tired eyes is a myth? Think again: These moisture-rich slices can actually reduce the puffiness or swelling that come with dry, overworked eyes. Use chilled slices, put your feet up, relax, and only remove them once they’ve gotten warm. It’s a quick, easy remedy that you can do at home!

 9. Another alternative is tea bags. Simply dip them in lukewarm water, place them in the fridge, and take them out once they’re cold. Put them over your eyes and voilà! Get refreshed and relieved peepers in an instant. Tip: Use ice to cool or chill the tea bags if you’re in a hurry. Green tea is a great choice, as it contains plenty of antioxidants that fight signs of aging and free radical damage.

using cooled tea bags is great for making your eyes look more rested 10. Use makeup to look like you are well rested. The rule of thumb to get a wide eyed and wide awake look is to apply light colors to the inner eyes and darker colors on the outer edges of eyes. Try using a flesh colored or pearlescent cream on the inner area near tear ducts. To really get a bright eyed look use a flesh colored or white liner on the inside bottom rim.


Use our tips to get well rested and wide awake looking eyes. Let us know which of our tips you like best. Or send us pics of the ones you tried. We love to know how our readers use our tips!

Look Gorgeous in Your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and Beyond

Three generations of ladies all look greatThe dreaded “Oh, you look great for your age” is not a phrase most people enjoying hearing; we all want to look great no matter our age. While we want to look good in general, not just “at our age” it is necessary to go about it in different ways at different ages. The things we need to do to take care of ourselves at 20 is drastically different from what is required at 50. Our guide show you how to look gorgeous at any age. It seems that as an overall rule the 80/20 concept works at any age; do 80% right and you can cheat the other 20%. We’ve even heard the 80/20 rule applied to getting our body in top shape; it is 80% diet and 20% exercise. But did you know that you can also apply this cannon to the effects of aging? Doctors say that 80% of the appearance of aging can be attributed to external influences – diet, lifestyle, pollutants and sun exposure – while the other 20% is due to genetics. Read on for tips on the 80% you can do in each decade.

Try many fun trends in your 20s to find out what you like

Experiment with fun styles in your 20s


The decade that we are “finding ourselves” and “exploring our individuality.” This is the perfect time to experiment and figure things out. It is self-improvement by trail-and-error. So go nuts, wear that ultra-short skirt, try that neon eye make-up, go for the frivolous piece you will probably only wear once. Now is the time to frequent those fast fashion stores, you know the ones with the clothes that are cute and cheap but falling apart after the 2nd or 3rd wear. Go on adventures, explore the world! But whatever you do use sunblock! This is also the time when you should start thinking about building a skin care regimen. Whether it’s as simple as removing makeup at night and using sunblock, it’s a great start. It is also a good idea to look for something tailored to your skin type. Since lots of people begin to experience adult onset acne in their 20s, look for skin care products with acne fighting properties.

Choose silhouettes and colors that are most flattering

In your 30s work wardrobe will become more important


In your 30s you begin to know who you are. You already went through all that experimentation in your 20s so you know a little bit about a little bit now. It is the time to begin refining not just your look but your routine also. Start choosing styles and colors that you know work well for you. Have you noticed a certain silhouette that makes you feel very confident? Or a makeup color that really makes your eyes pop? Make it part of your signature. After the excess of 20s it’s also great to refine your eating and skin care habits. As part of your body’s natural aging mechanism your metabolism will start to slow down and other natural processes that keep your body young begin to decline. But don’t worry you can use preventative techniques now. Eat better, focus on adding lots of colorful fruits and veggies to your diet. Begin investing a bit more time and money into your skin care routine. Now is a great time to start a basic anti-aging routine.

Examine your eyes to find out skin needs

Check the skin around your eyes for skin care clues.


By now the aging process will be a bit more visible. You may experience uneven skin tone or a loss of elasticity. It is common to see evidence of this in the neck and chin area because they are usually neglected in most skin care routines. To help you decide how to proceed you can use your eye area as a litmus test. Inspect the skin around your eyes for clues: if it’s dry you may need more moisturizer, if you see lines consider a stronger wrinkle cream. Since you have already begun to refine your beauty routine you can add a couple tricks to your repertoire. Contouring and highlighting with your makeup can take years off your appearance and allow you to sculpt your face into the shape you desire. Now may also be the time to start to color your hair. Cover up those grays with a hair color that complements your skin tone. Begin investing in your wardrobe by choosing pieces that will last longer. Maybe even throw in an investment jewelry piece.

Including produce and aloe in your diet will lead to a healthy digestive system

Eating right is important at any age!

50s and Beyond

Now that you know who you are it’s a perfect time to invest in classics. A crisp white blouse or tailored trousers are perfect investment pieces because of their comfort and versatility. Simple and classic makeup will complement any look. A couple of steps are all it takes for a great look – fill in brows, add liner and mascara to eyes, and use a bit of color on your face. These easy steps will accentuate your looks without trying too hard. Be conscious of skin type when choosing makeup, your skin may be getting a little drier these days in which case it would be better to avoid powder textures which will accentuate this. Another thing that’s best to avoid is any makeup that is very shimmery or sparkly. This will draw attention to problem areas such as wrinkles or fine lines.  And finally be sure to keep a healthy diet. Aloe is a great ingredient to introduce to your diet for optimal digestive health.

Now that you are armed with many great tips you can look good at any age. Taking care of our bodies with proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle is the best way to look and feel amazing at any age. You may not fall exactly into these categories but all these tips add up to great ways to take care of yourself. Let us know what are your best tips for looking and feeling great?

Get Your Face from Bland to Glam with Our Guide

Some people are lucky enough to be born with perfect facial features. World renowned women like Giselle Bundchen and Angeline Jolie, quickly come to mind when thinking of beautiful faces. Even if you’re not a supermodel or famous actress married to Brad Pitt, you can attain that look without going under the knife. You can easily play up your best features through the use of contouring makeup techniques, a beauty sensation that’s trending all over the web. Not only is it simple but you can easily change it up every time you do your make-up. Contouring is simply a make-up technique used to enhance and define facial features. If you are having flashbacks to intense 80s blush, don’t worry, these days contouring is a lot more natural looking.
You don’t need to use a specific cosmetic brand and you may already have all the tools you need at home. Check out our guide below with specific steps and tips on how to do it.

What You’ll Need

The stuff you need to get it done:

• Contour color – you want something matte and approximately two shades darker than your natural skin tone. I have used everything from taupe eye shadow to foundation that I accidently purchased in a too dark skin color. You can use any texture that you prefer; cream, powder, liquid. I like to work with cream or liquid because it’s so easy to blend but I have definitely found powder easier when I’m in a rush. Just be careful not to mix different textures at the same time.
• Highlight color – you are looking for something close to your skin tone with a hint of opalescence or shine. I love liquid formulations, since you are just using a little it is easy to dab on. For fair skin pearly or pinkish choices better while something more golden brown works better for medium or darker skin.
• Brushes – the right brushes can work magic, but sometimes all you need are clean fingers! For powder textures I like to use an angled brush for contouring and a stippled brush with different hair lengths for highlighting. A sponge comes in handy when blending especially with cream and liquid textures.Learn to contour and highlight like a pro for a glam face!

How To Do It

• Start with a clean and moisturized face. This is the rule of thumb before applying any kind of cosmetics. Clean your face with your preferred facial wash then pat dry. For day time evenly apply moisturizer with SPF to keep your skin conditioned and protected from harmful rays. If you are going out in the evening, you can skip the SPF.
• The purpose of contouring is to emphasize the beauty you already possess. The darker make-up shade go in areas where shadows naturally fall while the highlighter color goes where light usually falls. This works together to enhance your facial features. You can also play with contouring to create visual illusions that change the appearance your features. For example, giving more prominent cheek bones, slimming or shortening the nose, making eyes appear larger. The purpose of contouring is to highlight specific areas on your face. Look at the mirror and mentally take note of the parts on your face that are usually hit by light. This will include the cheekbones, jaw line, bridge of the nose, temples and brow bone.
o For larger eyes apply lighter shades to the inner corners of eyes and darker shades to the outer corners. You can use colors of your preference for this. Also there is no particular way this must be applied: if you like a cat eye you can use that with this technique but it also works great with a more neutral look.
o Apply a lighter shade under your eyes but be careful not to get to close to your lower eye lashes. This will cause the circles under your eyes to appear darker. Your eyes themselves may appear smaller if you do this.
o Most common technique used to slim the nose is adding a darker shade along the sides of the nose from the tip up to the brows. To make the nose look smaller you can apply a contour color in a V shape to the tip of the nose. Run a bit of highlighter down the length of your nose as well.
o For great cheekbones apply the contour color to the hollows of cheeks (make a fish face to help you see) diagonally from the center of your cheek towards your ear. Then apply highlighter to the tops of your cheeks on the parts that protrude most when you smile.
o A double chin can be masked by putting on some bronzer along the jawline.
o You can also make your eye brows more pronounced to better frame your face. Fill them in with powder or pencil focusing on making the middle parts darkest rather than the edges.
o Applying loose powder is the last step in contour make-up to ensure that your make-up is set to last for a long time. Dab your powder brush into the powder and flick it to remove the excess. From the center of your face, lightly brush on the powder. Focus a little around the nostrils, eyelids and ears by lightly pushing the powder along these areas.

There are a number of products that you can use to achieve the ‘perfect’ face. All you need is to follow these contouring make-up techniques and you’ll be a step closer to looking like a supermodel.

All About Eyes

Have you noticed some people have very smooth and youthful looking eye areas, while others seem to have tired, worn out, and aged looking eyes?  What causes these differences are care, exposure, and the type of products used.  If you spend a lot of time in the sun and don’t protect the skin around your eyes from the harmful UV rays, your eye area is destined to look years older than you really are.Glamorous Beautiful Eyes

On the other hand, if you use products for your eyes that either don’t blend well with your skin type, or cheaply made just to save a few dollars, the skin around your eyes will not respond well at all.  Lastly, it’s really important that your daily regime of care include some special products to care for the area around your eyes.  You say more with your facial expressions than the words you speak, so why wouldn’t you want to take care of the most expressive part of your face, your eyes?

Thankfully, there are many products out there created to care for the skin around your eyes.  OroGold has some excellent options for anti-aging eye care. The OroGold 24-karat Anti-Aging Eye Serum is wonderful at helping to reduce the appearance or development of crow’s feet at the corner of your eyes.  The Serum also works to firm the skin around the eyes and contains three main anti-aging ingredients, the most important of which is actual 24k gold. That is part of the OroGold secret, the use of actual gold in the products, a treatment that has been around since the days of ancient Egypt. It helps rejuvenate and firm your skin especially around the eyes.  Once you have tried the Ant-Aging Eye Serum, there is little doubt you will want to try the rest of the eye collection and make sure your eye area looks its best.Secrete to Eyes

Of course, the 24k Anti-Aging Eye Serum is not a miracle worker, although at times it might feel that way, the rest is really up to you.  You have to make sure and take care of your eye area, it is really important you take precautions by applying some sunscreen around your eyes before heading out on a sunny day.  A hat or sunglasses can also help to shield your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun and keep the skin around your eyes looking young.

A couple final pieces of advice are to be sure and get plenty of rest, and keep your hands away from your eyes.  We have all been there, staring ourselves in the mirror and seeing the puffiness and bags under the eyes due to a lack of sleep, plan and ensure you are consistent in getting plenty of rest.  Try to keep your hands away from your eyes.  The skin around your eyes is the most delicate skin on your entire body. Constant rubbing can damage your eyes and wear on the skin around them.  Just as importantly, don’t ever rub your eyes with dirty hands, which can actually lead to medical problems that none of us need. eyes feeling firm and young

If you address the problems of protecting yourself from the sun, and ensure you get plenty of rest, use higher end make up products, and keep your hands away from your eyes, you will be most of the way to taking good care of the skin around your eyes.  Add to that some great eye care products from OroGold and you will be on the right road to keeping your eyes looking and feeling firm and young.

Sensitive Skin Secrets

There’s oily skin, dry skin and the combination in between. But of course, there is also sensitive skin to deal with. Sensitive skin knows no bounds, and sometimes it is harder than regular skin issues, as reactions can be painful and difficult to deal with.

Oily skin is easily avoided by using the correct products

Oily Skin

Sensitive skin is any type of skin that might have a reaction to a certain ingredient, whether it’s in the form of acne breakouts, eczema, contact dermatitis or rosacea. Each type of skin sensitivity is different and needs to be treated accordingly.

Here are four tips as to how to proceed with your sensitive skin:

Read product labels: Those with sensitive skin should always be looking at the labels of the products they want to use on their faces and bodies to make sure they won’t aggravate it. If your skin is sensitive, avoid products with alcohols, alpha-hydroxy acids, fragrances and antibacterial ingredients. Don’t trust the word “hypoallergenic,” either – this is a claim that isn’t regulated by any health organization.

Stick to products that have proven to work:. Steer clear of harsh soaps and instead opt for gentler products, such as our 24K milk cleanser. Moisturizers, as long as they don’t contain the trigger ingredients that your sensitive skin reacts to, are usually safe and necessary to protect and hydrate your skin. Moisturizing masks may be helpful, but steer clear of peels that may irritate.

Test the products before using them:. Depending on what you’re using, doing a test run of a product may help prevent the long-term pain of product reactions. Some items that are for one-time use, like hair dyes and hair removal creams, recommend doing a swatch test 24 hours before application to test for sensitivities. However, that may not be enough time for products for daily use. You may need up to five days to see how your skin will react with regular usage.

See a dermatologist when problems occur: Although most people with sensitive skin will keep going through products until they find one that works without irritation, sometimes you need serious medical treatment to go alongside them if your skin condition is chronic. A dermatologist may be able to diagnose the root of your problem and offer prescription treatments for serious issues like psoriasis and dermatitis.

Men’s skin care By Orogold Cosmetics

Men’s skin care is often buried under all the attention paid to the Women’s market. That doesn’t mean men’s skin care is not important, we just need to focus in on what is really important for the fellas.


We hear about women’s anti-aging and skincare routines on daily basis. But what about men’s skincare? It’s easy to overlook men’s needs in this respect; after all, in the past men have been told to just wash with a bar of soap, shave and go about their days. But the truth is that men’s skin needs just as much care as women’s, they may even need more specific and regular care. Think about all the strain constant shaving puts on the face. Men’s skincare is important to make sure you have the right first impression in the world.

Here are our three simple tips in order for men to get great skin:

-CLEAN UP RIGHT. We’re not talking about a standard bar of soap here like your grandfather used. The foundation of good skin is in a cleanser that allows skin to retain its natural oils and nourishes it while cleaning dirt and impurities. Deep pore cleansers can work wonders to help you look your best while keeping your skin clear – after all, no one likes blotchy, broken-out skin at any age. In a pinch, if you really must use just any old bar of soap, consider using a little moisturizer just to soothe skin.

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Pass the H2O Please!

Remember your grandmothers advice about the importance of getting beauty sleep, but have you ever heard of making sure you get enough beauty water? Drinking more water is one of the easiest additions to your beauty routine even with a busy schedule. There are many beauty and health benefits that come from keeping your bodacious bod hydrated.

Glow from the inside out

Even though your skin is the outer shell you present to the world, healthy glowing skin starts from the inside and radiates out. When the body is adequately hydrated, there is enough water to fight unsightly and uncomfortable dry, dull skin. Who Knows? Drinking the recommended daily dose of H20 could cut down on your lotion and moisturizer costs!

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